Passion is no ordinary word.

Michael Elkon makes some excellent points about the fans’ passion that drives SEC football and European league soccer.

The dark side to that heartfelt enthusiasm is what the commercialized society we live in that looks to squeeze a buck from any source it can find, in whatever way it can, does to exploit it.  I don’t know where ESPN will wind up taking the conference with this new TV deal, and I certainly can’t fault the SEC for making a great financial deal for itself, but I can’t say there isn’t a certain amount of uneasiness in my mind about it.

If you want to see a possible canary in the coal mine regarding making a buck out of our love of the sport, look no further than the recruiting business.

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  1. Bulldog Bry

    I’ve said all along that what Scout and Rivals have done is turn college recruiting into kiddie porn. Though if there really is someone in the athletic department “leaking” information, they should get zapped, too.