Joe Cox: ginger, rested and ready.

An item from Chris Low’s 20-point inspection post regarding SEC Media Days:

Georgia fifth-year senior quarterback Joe Cox looks, sounds and acts like a guy determined to take advantage of his one and only shot to lead the Bulldogs’ offense. There’s a leadership quality about him that’s unmistakable.


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4 responses to “Joe Cox: ginger, rested and ready.

  1. Holt

    Apparently, Joe is too well rested…

    Look where you don’t normally look….


  2. Savannah Mike

    Some people have red hair, but not light skin and freckles. These people are called daywalkers.


  3. dean

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Joe can do this year. He definitely says all the right things.


  4. mant

    I for one am hoping my red headed brethren can lead us to the promised land. We are the supreme minority and we have more to offer than just Conan.