Monday morning buffet

Moving on from Hoover –

  • That’s exactly what Mark Richt did, speaking to the Lake Country Bulldog Club Thurday night.  There are some specific comments in the story about the defensive backfield and the tight ends worth checking out.
  • HeismanPundit really doesn’t think much of Junior.  Or his accent.
  • The BCS has handled the slings and arrows of antitrust threats so far.  The NCAA hasn’t fared nearly as well.
  • Gosh, what a shocker – athletic departments across the country are spending beyond their means.  How do you fix the problem?  Well, you could behave more responsibly.  Or you could try this route: “Unless we want it to be six or eight programs that just compete amongst themselves, it is our responsibility to somehow regulate that economic model,” said Sandy Barbour, athletic director at the University of California-Berkeley. We’ve got to do it for the children, Sandy!
  • Tommy Tuberville’s life after Auburn.
  • No all-ACC coaches preseason vote?  Hell, what’s the media supposed to get worked up about at ACC Media Days? (h/t The Wiz)
  • Link to an A.P. article at your own risk, bloggers.


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3 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. digidy dawg

    I’ve got a feeling that Tuberville’s name will come up in conversation for the “U” job as soon as the boosters loose patience with Shannon. He wouldn’t be a bad pick cause he used to be a DC at Miami in the late 80’s & early 90’s. I hate Auburn more than anyone, but the “WARTEAGLES” messed up when they let him walk out the door. I’m one of the few who still like Willie Martinez, but if we had a chance to land Tuberville as a DC Georgia would be a force to reckon with. Not that I think that would happen, but a guy can dream can’t he?


  2. AERose

    Worth noting that among haves and have-nots, Cal is emphatically a “have,” (see: successful seating endowment program, facilities upgrades, and a stadium retrofit in the offing) which might color your interpretation of Barbour’s stance. (i.e., this isn’t coming from a beleaguered athletic department having trouble keeping up, but from a relatively well run and prosperous organization.)