The Pied Piper of Gainesville

You have to give Urban Meyer credit.  Since becoming a head coach he’s run the same offensive scheme at three different schools, one that’s never yielded a running back who’s gained a thousand yards in a season, yet he’s still able to make a credible sales pitch to newly minted commit Mack Brown that next year will be different.

… He said the biggest thing that clinched Florida for him was sitting down for a film session with Meyer and Addazio. “They were breaking down the film and showing me how they were going to use me next year. They’re going to use more pro-style and I-formation style and find different ways to get me the ball. When you play for them they put the ball in their playmakers’ hands.”

Whose film did they use to show Brown the pro-style stuff?


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8 responses to “The Pied Piper of Gainesville

  1. digidy dawg

    Why change anything if you’ve won the last two of three NC’s. The only reason Corch Meyers would run any kind of pro set is to help the T-Bot 1000 look like he can run this offense in front of pro GM’s to help his draft status. Notice they’ve just started looking at playing I-formations right before Tebag’s senior season. It’s not a coinsadence. BTW could there be any more taint licking from all the SEC coaches about this guy at the media days? Yes, Tebow is an outstanding modivator, Christian, & roll model, but give me a break. Spurrier really disapointed with his long, pathetic apology. I never liked him, but always had alot of respect until now. Maybe Tebow told him to apologize with his jedi mind trick.


    • NCT

      Wow. Who knew we needed an intermediate metaphor for gushing flattery? Thank you, digidy, for providing one that fills the gap nicely, both in sentiment and physiology.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Meyer’s “pro-style” is sitting on the bench. Just ask Alex Smith.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Film administered unto Mack by Urban and Addagio at Friday Nite at the Gainesville VFW:

    With Mack under their spell, Urban and Addagio then closed the deal with a personalized slide show of The Chairman and Jimmy specifically designed and prepared for Mack, as was the complimentary Parrot Head, resulting of course in an offer that Mack could not refuse and a little three timeout payback from Urban to Mark for the theft of Orson Charles and Aaron Murray:


  4. RedCrake


    I wouldn’t believe Urban’s pro-style talk until I saw Tebow playing linebacker and Snead starting under center.


  5. Castleberry

    I think they watched some Bachelor reruns.

    I did see some practice film on ESPN with Tebow under center. Must have been that.


  6. JasonC

    Brown had probably never heard of Neil Anderson and didn’t recognize the minor changes in the uniforms. Plus you can do amazing things with photoshop and flash these days.


  7. dean

    They probably used NCAA 2010 to “demonstrate” how Mack would “likely” be used when Brantley takes over next year due to the lack of film on the I-formation. What better way is there to relate to this generation of college football players. They probably even told him he would be on the game next year after he wins the Heisman. Well at least his likeness would be.