“Who would care?”

Larry Munson’s autobiography comes out next month (h/t Bulldogs Blog).

I expect we’ll find out that Munson is pleasantly surprised by the answer to the question in the post header.


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3 responses to ““Who would care?”

  1. RedCrake

    That sir, is a day 1 purchase.

    I have a spot on the coffee table all picked out.


  2. Dog in Fla

    What Larry’s book tour talk would be like:

    “This book should have been called ‘Who Would Care?’, I mean I have never written a book before… have I? (Larry looks to his driver who nods head affirming that his driver doesn’t know of any book Larry has written before and up until now, didn’t know about this one). Who listens to radio anymore? It’s all on Jefferson-Pilot TV now, so why would anyone listen to the radio anymore? I’m old, I’m not young, I can’t run as well as I used to be able to, even earlier in the game, I could never pass as well as I used to be able to do, it’s late in the 4th quarter and I need to get in the end zone against them now and don’t know how in the world I’ll be able to do it. Plus with all the injuries I’ve got, that isn’t doing me any good either. The other side has been playing well tonight. Too well, almost. Their defense has been lights out when needed. It will take a miracle to beat them, it’s 4th and 16 now, last play. Timeout. It’s like getting beat in my own ball yard now, they beat us in Athens, we beat them here, but maybe not tonight. My defense has been good. The usual bend don’t break but still good so far. But that doesn’t matter now, the game’s over with after this play. My offense, has been so-so for most of the afternoon but gets nothing in the red zone yet. I’m too slow, not moving fast enough, like I’ve got hobnail boots on. I get down there, can’t run Larry, run, can’t get into the end zone and have to kick field goals. But a field goal won’t do any good now. That’s going to catch up with me. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to pull this one out but all I can do is continue to try and my God Almighty, I will.”


  3. wileycopy

    He’s my hero. I can do a spot on mimic of his voice..