It’s just another way to pay for the limo.

Following in Bama’s footsteps, Auburn decides it’s a nifty idea to charge people to tailgate on taxpayer-supported property.

As I wrote before, enjoy the air while it’s free, boys.


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3 responses to “It’s just another way to pay for the limo.

  1. 69Dawg

    I’m just surprised Adams hasn’t done it yet. After all of the ESPN night games we are about to have the campus will look like a battlefield. This is going to happen at UGA, maybe not this year but soon.


  2. 81Dog

    On the one hand, it’s a shame our own fans can’t clean up after themselves. Of course, if UGA put out more trash cans, or trash collection areas, that might help.

    Adams won’t be happy until everyone going to the game is parking at the Mall of Georgia, riding a bus in 20 minutes before kickoff, and riding out 20 minutes after the final horn. Absent that, he’ll find a way to tack a fee on everything from parking to tailgating to breathing the campus air. $10,000 parties for your kid and high paying show up jobs for your wife don’t just pay for themselves, you know?


  3. wileycopy

    some points:

    1. Adams is a snake and he’s drooling over this…

    2. The athletic association does this already in a way…try parking anywhere near the stadium with a less than 2k annual donation, think people will pay a charge on top of a charge? corporate entities yes, fans, unlikely…

    3. most games last yr had enough trash facilities on north campus and it was taken relatively clean given circumstances (especially considering what i remember campus looking like when I attended) the exception was Alabama,I didnt see any trash recepticals and trash was seemingly ankle deep over north campus. Adams short staffing the trash pick up to be able to hammer the fans later seems like him. It would be Wormerian act, but not beyond his grasp.