The secret to comedy is timing.

Evidently Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald opened up his talk at Big Ten Media Days by affirming that he voted for Tebow.

Now that’s funny.


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6 responses to “The secret to comedy is timing.

  1. MacAttack

    I laughed out loud reading this


  2. Dog in Fla

    The Oscar for the Last Comic Standing on the Tim Tebow Voting Scandal goes to …..Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald!

    The silver for disinformation goes to Lane for his fine method acting performance in which he tried to portray someone who actually cared in:

    Kiffin on Tebow: ‘The guy’s a winner’

    Because of Tim’s election sweeps inside and outside of The SEC and Lane’s stellar performance in ‘The guy’s a winner’, The SEC has plans in the works to launch a PR campaign of :

    ‘Hey Tim, You May Already Be a Weiner!’

    This will be another of The SEC public service promos providing thought-provoking questions such as:

    How did a hot dog become a hot dog? How did Tim become a hot dog? Was it because Tim being the cheerleader for the crowd? Was it because of the jump passes of Tim? Was it because of the Percy Harvey? What is a weiner? What is a frankfurter? Did you know that July is National Hot Dog month? The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council of the American Meat Institute has more legends and stories about hot dogs.

    Finally, and in honor of Tim winning elections in The SEC and in The Big X and because July is National Hot Dog Month, Oscar Mayer Company has loosened up a couple of what they call “weinermobiles,” which will travel around to places like Mississippi and South Carolina calling attention to their products and Tim.


  3. Will Q

    Wow. Fitzgerald made me like Northwestern for a moment, even if it is Stewart Mandel’s alma mater.


  4. 69Dawg

    Northweastern is doomed. One does not mock the reptilian saint. Urban is trying to reschedule to get NW and punish them for their blaspheme.