Throwing down the gauntlet

Oklahoma State linebacker Andre Sexton thinks Georgia has something to learn about Big XII football – and his team’s defense – this year.

“People were bashing our defense and saying we’re not any good,” he said. “It’s not that we’re not any good. We’re just playing against the top talent week in and week out. If an SEC team played in our conference for a year, they’d see. They’d totally respect it. It’s something that’s hard to understand unless you’re in the middle of it.”

Obviously, we don’t know about this year, but the stats tell a somewhat different story about last season.

At least the OSU beat writer’s got your back, Andre.  He’s predicting the Cowboys will roll in the opener. (h/t Bulldogs Blog)


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11 responses to “Throwing down the gauntlet

  1. Lowcountry Dawg

    Bulletin board material. Now there’s a sign we’re getting close.


  2. SefDawg

    Wow, I hope that prediction was part of the “sometimes in jest” comment. I understand catering to your audience, but damn, 21 points?!


  3. RedCrake

    At first I’ll admit that his Georgia prediction pissed me off. Then I read on to see that he has OSU beating Texas (with 4 interceptions off McCoy) and Oklahoma followed by playing TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

    And I just couldn’t stop laughing.

    This guy isn’t a homer…he’s on crack cocaine (its a helluva drug)


  4. Richt-Flair

    Boise was feeling pretty lucky about four years ago today.


  5. G.O.B.

    I’ll be the first to admit I’ve allowed myself to entertain similar fantasies regarding the Dawgs’ chances this season.

    But I would be too embarrassed to post them on Facebook, let alone post them on my newspaper’s website.

    On the other hand, I’ve already given him two page views, so he might be the winner in the end.


    • RedCrake

      While it would be premature and probably ill-advised to make such a prediction about Georgia, our program at least has a history of undefeated and 1 loss seasons to draw from and a recent history of better than expected finishes. Okie State…not so much.


  6. 2003 Clemson, 2005 Boise State, 2007 Oklahoma State

    YEAH! Georgia’s going DOWN!


  7. digidy dawg

    Wasn’t it ’07 when we kept hearing about the “world’s greatest offense”? I understand smack talk is smack talk, but I get tired of reruns. BTW wasn’t the argument for dominant Big 12 offenses & SEC defense settled in the NC game with an SEC only alowing the highest scoring football team in history to 14 points, & outscoring them with a mediocre offense?


  8. They whip Georgia by 21 points, get four picks off Colt McCoy (a guy who completes 70% of his passes, most of which are five-yard screens), and lose to Baylor. Alrighty, then.

    I’m with RedCrake: Cocaine is a helluva drug.


  9. JasonC

    Florida 24, Oklahoma 14
    Ole Miss 47, Texas Tech 34
    Texas 52, Arkansas 10

    I’d say the SEC knows a little about Big 12 football. And yes, Arky did get blown out, but the Hogs were also 5-7 last year.
    Taking 2 outta 3 from the Big 12’s best ain’t bad.


  10. HVL Dawg

    Prediction: Our freshmen receivers will prove to be the real deal while our safeties make amends for the GT game with Greg Blue style tackles that create fumbles.

    Our DTs get such a push up the middle that Colt is trying to throw passes with dawg paws squeezing on his helmet.

    Our high profile win with ESPN later endlessly promoting the WLOCP QB matchup will cinch the Joe Cox = Heisman fate.