“Forget the current system. Blow it up.”

Dell McGee bans Georgia from recruiting his kids.  Right or wrong about that, one his players backs away from Georgia and commits to Clemmins.  And two other high school coaches think the problem with recruiting is that schools are offering too many kids (the MAC is the worst offender?).

Maybe I’m crazy, but the more I read this kind of stuff, the more I think this proposal makes sense.



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4 responses to ““Forget the current system. Blow it up.”

  1. Gotta admit. I really think that proposal would eliminate a lot of the problems with recruiting. It makes a lot of sense.


  2. kckd

    Clemson didn’t really take that kid from us. He was in the same situation as his teammate. We weren’t gonna take another DE unless it’s someone out of this world. He waited too long just like his teammate. Still think the coaches should’ve let anyone who had an offer they couldn’t accept know before they came though.


  3. dean

    A little extreme but he does makes some good points. Although it seems to me coaches would have to alienate their backup choices and put all their “eggs” in one players basket (Jim Donnan/Jasper Sanks anybody?). Thereby running the risk of losing all the players to other schools. Instead of coaches offering with a LOI how about having the kids sign a LOI when they verbally commit.