Opening day can’t get here soon enough.

Andre Sexton, Oklahoma State linebacker, has taken it upon himself to be a one man source of bulletin board material for Georgia’s opener.

Two years later, Andre Sexton remembers the famous hedges at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. He remembers the “G” on the Bulldogs’ helmets, the huge crowd, and the excitement of opening a college football season knowing much of the country was watching.

Most of all, though, he remembers the fear.

Back before the Oklahoma State Cowboys had grown accustomed to attention — before their coach became a YouTube sensation and their national ranking vaulted into the Top 10 — Sexton and his teammates didn’t know how to handle it. So they allowed themselves to be intimidated.

But with another season-opening date against Georgia a little more than a month away, the Cowboys can’t wait to show how much they’ve changed.

“Now we know,” said Sexton, a senior OSU linebacker, “Georgia’s the one that has to be scared. Not us.”

Damn, son, I’m not sure I would have said that.


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18 responses to “Opening day can’t get here soon enough.

  1. HVL Dawg

    Andre meet Shaun Chapas. He aint’t scared.


  2. RP

    It just hit. That comment makes me want to fast forward through August more than anything else….

    Lord, I miss football.


  3. 2003 Clemson, 2005 Boise State, 2007 Oklahoma State

    YEAH! Take THAT, Georgia! You scared yet? Huh? Huh?

    I bet some ESPN PUNDITS will predict you’ll LOSE this game! Like, a BUNCH of them! And I bet a COLUMNIST or TWO from the AJC will too! Address my points, Dawgs!


    • Voice of Reason

      Dang Andre. Don’t believe I’d a told that. Regardless of who you are playing, it is not in your best interest to provide any opponent that kind of bulletin board material. Be well.


  4. digidy dawg

    Does it ever seem to work out for the guy who talks smack? For the majority, guys who talk a big game end up getting embarrassed. Can’t wait for the “talking heads” to jump on the Okie St. band wagon. All this does is fire up the DAWG nation.


  5. Dog in Fla

    ‘If that sounds brash for a guy [Andre the Giant on a third-place team , that’s because the Cowboys are generally regarded as the best third-place team in college football….’, by the lunatic fringe, including an ‘I’m a man who used to be 40 and is now 41 or 42,’


  6. G.O.B.

    “Bulletin board” material is all well and good, but I think this team needs to be preparing for its most challenging opener in years (suggested ways of going about this: finding a pass rush, finding an effective RB combination, getting JC comfortable running the offense) rather than collecting clippings.


  7. Oh, that’s just precious.

    Anybody remember the ASU “Bring on Georgia” signs last year? Yeah, how’d that work out?


  8. Brandon

    Tiger Stadium in Baton Rogue anybody? 52-38, yeah our boys are going to be scared to play Okie State in Stillwater. Snap back to reality up here comes gravity.


  9. hotdawgin

    damn, son…

    i love it


  10. Is anyone really surprised by any of this? Our main strength last year was offense. So with a lot of questions there I can see where all of this is coming from. I’m not saying I buy into the OSU hype but I’ve just come to expect this kind of crap. Just like preseason polls I find summer predictions to be nothing more than a wild guess. But I think everyone agrees this is an ideal situation vs. being picked to waltz out of there with a victory.


  11. Left to Right

    I think as we get closer to the kickoff date, Georgia is going to become a trendy pick to upset OSU.


  12. RedCrake

    Possibly…but anyone who would proclaim it as an upset (in anything other than a pure Vegas line sort of way) probably doesn’t know enough to be picking games anyway.

    Nonetheless, I’m surer you’re right and we will start to hear such things.


  13. JT

    In the immortal words of Lewis Grizzard: “Damn brother, I don’t believe I’d have told that!”


  14. From 2007…

    “We got outplayed across the board,” said Cowboys defensive end Nathan Peterson. “We got whipped because they always seemed to be in the backfield.

    “We were looking forward to coming down here to find out about ourselves, and we found out we are not ready for the big time,” said Cowboys coach Mike Gundy.

    The No. 7 scoring offense last season in 2006 when it averaged 35 points per game, Oklahoma State was held to two touchdowns and 266 yards.

    “They were around the ball on every play, I have to give them that,” said Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew, who led the Cowboys with seven catches for 85 yards.

    “We didn’t tackle very well tonight, but I thought they outplayed us anyway. … We knew this would be a difficult game, but we thought we could win it.”



  15. Displaced Dawg

    That’s great! I’m still pretty anxious about the game, as long as we can contain Dez Bryant and the rest of the WR corps after we stop the run I think we’ll be good to go on defense.

    As far as offense is concerned, It will be an interesting match up to see how good the pokes defense really is. We’ll be able to run and the fact that we’ll have a viable tight end (I think Aron White and The OC are going to be 10 time better than Tripp “Aw Shucks I dropped the ball again on a critical 3rd down situation” Chandler.

    But scared?