Factoid of the day

This one goes out to every dolt who thinks the Georgia fan base is growing restless enough with Mark Richt to put him on a “hot seat”.

Fun fact: The Bulldogs are seeking their seventh 10-win season in nine years under Mark Richt. Georgia had seven 10-win seasons in 25 years under Vince Dooley.

We may get impatient now and then, but we ain’t stupid.


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17 responses to “Factoid of the day

  1. dean

    Amen brother. Well said.


  2. John

    Unfortunately, there are too many stupid people that consider themselves “we”


    • Will Q

      You beat me to it, John. I was going to say, “You ain’t stupid, and I ain’t stupid, but I know several other Georgia fans personally who, when it comes to this particular topic, are stupid.”


  3. Judgedawg

    Richt is the best coach we have ever had. In fairness to Dooley, though, Richt has never coached less than 12 games in a season since becoming our coach. He has coached 13 games in a season for about half his career. Dooley coached 7 seasons when the rules limited him to 10 or 11 games a season. The rules never permitted Dooley to coach a 13 game season. As hard as it is now to win 10 games in a season, it was even harder in Dooley’s career. Had Dooley been able to schedule more games he may have had more 10 win seasons.

    Still, you are correct. Richt has accomplished more than Dooley did.


    • The Realist

      All fair points, and I knew they were coming. However, when you compare them to… say, Nick Saban, who is roundly applauded as one of the greatest coaches in all of college football, who has three 10-win seasons in thirteen years, then Richt’s consistency stands out that much more.

      For the record, Pete Carroll has seven in eight years as a head coach. He’s going for his eighth straight this season.

      Another coach paid more than Richt – Les Miles – has three 10-win seasons in eight years… all three (arguably) with Saban’s recruits.

      …As another aside, Les Miles led Oklahoma State to a 7-5 record and 5th place in the Big XII south in 2004, the year prior to LSU hiring him away. What an odd hire.


    • Will Q

      What you say about the number of games is true, but it works both ways. When you have 13 games a season, there are a lot more opportunities to lose as well as win. Fortunately for us, Richt avoids those losing opportunities more often than not.


  4. MacAttack

    Lose to UF/Tech again and he will be


  5. I recall seeing quite a few disparaging remarks about CMR after the Florida loss last season. While the majority did not fall into that camp it was still enough to gain attention. When you take someone like CMR who has been successful on so many fronts it only takes one negative remark to make the headlines. Running Richt out of town will land us someone like Kiffin or Chizik. I mean really, if Richt is not good enough then who in their right mind would coach here?


  6. Macallanlover

    I have always said that Mark Richt will only leave UGA because of the actions of idiot fans….and yes, they are amongst us. Unfortunately, other Dawg fans get led into tolerating them, usually when alcohol is involved. Whether it is disguised as bashing of assistants, or worries about faux NCs, criticizing CMR shows a total lack of football knowledge and perspective. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with every decision, but does mean you don’t see this as the difference between making 94 on the exam rather than 100. If you expect a CFB coach in the SEC to make 100 every year you need to follow another sport, team, or league. After 50+ years of watching UGA football, there is no question these are the golden years. To listen to “hotseat” discussions after what has transpired in Athens since 2001 is just logic defying.


  7. Gen. Stoopnagle

    2-6 in Jacksonville.

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying. IF Richt is ever on the hot seat – and he most certainly is not – it will be because the winning percentage in Jacksonville doesn’t get better than it is right now.


  8. HamDawg11

    I called into a Birmingham sports radio show yesterday to dispute this very point. I follow the Dawgs year ’round through every medium available to me and there is a very small number of “fans” that have grown disgruntled over Mark Richt. Who’s to say that some of these are not fans of our rivals just trying to stir the pot.

    I personally think the program couldn’t be in better hands than Mark Richt’s. The man’s committed to Athens, UGA, the players and their families, as well as his own family. He has the leadership and the demeanor to handle the highs and the lows of the job. The only reason this topic continue to rear its ugly head is because he hasn’t been “lucky” enough to get into the MNC game. If our receivers catch two passes….count ’em, TWO!!!(2002 T. Edwards vs UF; 2007 T. Wilson vs. SC) …this never comes up and Richt is considered one of the greatest.

    Saban got the bounces he needed, Miles got the breaks, Myer got ’em too…Richt just hasn’t had the good fortune to have things fall into place at the right time. He’ll keep doing things the right way, attracting top-level talent, and preparing them and eventually it will work out for the Dawgs.

    36 days!!


  9. Bruce Lauriault

    been a dog fan since we beat bama in 65 with the flea flicker-I am about ready to fight any so called dog fan that is negative about CMR-he can stay as long as he wants—rugbydawg