The return of the Mumme Poll

The coach reflects on the poll outlasting his stint at New Mexico State.

The coach reflects on the poll outlasting his stint at New Mexico State.

I’m starting to get some questions about the Mumme Poll, both at the site and in e-mails, so I thought I’d take a moment and address them in a quick post.

  • First off, yes, I plan on hosting the Mumme Poll again this year.  I thought the format proved successful last season, so I won’t tinker with it this year.
  • No, you don’t have to be a blogger to participate (although bloggers are certainly welcome).  And, no, if you weren’t a voter last year, it doesn’t mean you can’t come on board this year.  If you’re a knowledgeable, interested football fan, you’re eligible.  That should include everyone who drops by GTP on a regular basis.  Except for the Russian spammers, of course.
  • I am looking for a greater pool of participants than we had last year.  We started in the sixties and wound up with about half that at season’s end.  I’d like to get the voting pool up to around 100.  And I’d like it to stay there, so I’m looking for folks who will be motivated to stick around all season.
  • I would really, really like more geographic diversity than we had the first go around.  While I didn’t see much evidence of Georgia bias in the voting, I still think it’s healthier to get perspectives from outside of the school, the conference and the region.
  • The first official vote won’t take place until after the games of week six, with a practice vote after the games of week five, so you’ll have until then to decide to hop on board.

If you’ve got any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know.


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28 responses to “The return of the Mumme Poll

  1. 'matsdawg

    Hi Senator,

    Any chance of a web interface for voters? Might encourage regular voting…dunno…

    • Assume I’m a web tyro – hell, I am a web tyro – and explain what you mean by a web interface. Are you talking about putting up a poll at GTP for people to use to cast their votes?

      The poll format that WordPress supports wouldn’t work for our two-tiered vote in the Mumme Poll, unfortunately.

      By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I approve of your moniker. 😉

      • 'matsdawg

        Ah the moniker…had a chance to catch the band at several East Coast venues (Boat House in Norfolk VA, with Tommy Keene opening, for one…amazing)…so many bands owe those guys…

        As to the “on-line” approach – a page with fillable rankings might make the job of tallying more straightforward? (And autofill on my Mac might make filling out most of the form quicker?)

  2. SefDawg

    I would be glad to participate. I have just recently found your blog, but am now a daily reader. I don’t forsee any issues sticking to it all season. Anyway, just thought I’d throw my name in the hat.

  3. Dog in Fla

    Suggest you don’t rule out the Russian spammers. They may give you the geographic diversity you seek although some may have a bias in voting for their own Georgia.

  4. Will Q

    I’d like to participate this year, Senator.

    Ever thought about dropping a line to EDSBS, MGoBlog, Burnt Orange Nation and other non-SEC/non-UGA blogs to ask them to put up a post to get more volunteers?

  5. JT

    I would be honored to participate. I’ll be around all season. I read this blog year round and don’t know of any other that is more informative.

  6. Kreg

    I’d be glad to participate.

  7. Dog in Fla

    First, there was Mumme Post-Game…

    Next, there was the Firing of the Mumme…

    Now, there is the Return of the Mumme…

    Sign Up Now!

  8. Peyton

    I would like to participate.

  9. MikeLew

    I’m up for it!

  10. I didn’t do it last year, and after watching it go by week by week, i hated myself for it, i’m on board.

  11. wheaton4prez

    I’ll participate and represent the NW.

  12. AERose

    I’m not sure that East Coast Bias necessarily exists, but I intend to counteract it. (Hopefully Cal makes it easy for me by just up and going undefeated this year.)

  13. I’d like to participate, though I am a BlogPoll voter too, and would submit my BlogPoll vote (I’m a resume voter) to you also, if that was OK.

    Because even for me, voting 2 different ways in 2 different polls would be, weird.

  14. Count me in. I’m a blogger from the West Coast (Idaho) who got to witness the NMSU Mumme era. Tragic.

    I think the Mumme Poll is fantastic.

  15. I’m in, Senator. But I must say, I think you’re writing off the all-important Russian spammer perspective way too early.

  16. Campbell

    I’d like to take part.
    I’m in Scotland, and don’t have any hugely strong ties other than being a fan of both Nebraska and Boise State. Hopefully can add to your diversity aims.
    And I can read Cyrillic too!

    PS. Your russian spammers however are likely to have a strong bias towards Big Red…

  17. Count me in this year.

  18. I’m down to participate after missing week 1 last yr

  19. I’m in also. I’ll be representing Chicago as a CFB fan first and a ND fan second.

  20. Chris W

    Sign me up Senator!