Thursday morning buffet

Lots of tasty morsels in the world of college football for your sampling pleasure:


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7 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Chuck

    Lmao at the Donnan/Loran bit, but let’s face it: Dowdle isn’t much of an upgrade.

  2. NRBQ

    Loran today = tits on a bohawg.

    As I understand it, he owns the pre-game show, so they can’t take that away from him, but I’d wager (hope) this is his last year on the sideline.

  3. Coastal Dawg

    Give Loren a break. Admittedly he is not a good reporter, but he is a link to the past and our traditions. UGA football is over 100 years old – insert Loren Smith joke here. Loren seems to be the last tie to the era before the WWL.

    • HackerDog

      I appreciate the work he does with the Bulldog clubs, but I hate hearing about it during the pre-game & on the sidelines. I enjoy listening to people talk about football, not about how Jim Bob Simmons is the new secretary of the Stephens County Bulldog Club, and his son just started working with him down at the body shop ….

      It makes me turn off the radio and look to see if Lou Holtz is giving a pre-game speech on TV.


  5. PeterPumpkinhead

    You missed the important part of that Florida recruit story… check out the upper right hand corner