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You lose some, and then you lose some.

Jamar Hornsby’s had better days than today – indicted on a felony assault charge and then cut loose by the Nuttster.

And, Chris Low, about that “Coaches take similar chances all the time” line, exactly who did you have in mind?  The only other coach in the conference I can think of who’s lately offered a scholarship to a player with a seriously checkered past is Lane Kiffin, and in his defense, it seems like he and UT did a helluva lot more due diligence with that offer than Houston Nutt ever engaged in regarding Hornsby.


UPDATE: Bonus bad news for Hornsby – the indictment may be a violation of his Florida probation deal.  Is it possible for one player to rack up Fulmer Cup points for two schools simultaneously?

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Friday morning buffet

The capper to the working week, my friends…


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Playoffs. Because everyone deserves a second chance.

HeismanPundit talks to Pete Carroll.  Pete Carroll talks back:

… If anyone in the country can ask ‘what if?’, it’s Carroll.  He was 19 seconds from a third-straight national title in 2005 and then dropped games to lesser teams like UCLA, Oregon State and Stanford since then that have kept USC out of at least two more national title games.  That has led Carroll to be a staunch proponent of a playoff system.

“(If I were in charge of the NCAA) we would have an awesome playoff system,” he said.  “I’d find a way to create a system we can all get excited about while still maintaining the bowl games that make the sport so special.”

It would be awesome because Southern Cal would be in it every year. Awesome!


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