Playoffs. Because everyone deserves a second chance.

HeismanPundit talks to Pete Carroll.  Pete Carroll talks back:

… If anyone in the country can ask ‘what if?’, it’s Carroll.  He was 19 seconds from a third-straight national title in 2005 and then dropped games to lesser teams like UCLA, Oregon State and Stanford since then that have kept USC out of at least two more national title games.  That has led Carroll to be a staunch proponent of a playoff system.

“(If I were in charge of the NCAA) we would have an awesome playoff system,” he said.  “I’d find a way to create a system we can all get excited about while still maintaining the bowl games that make the sport so special.”

It would be awesome because Southern Cal would be in it every year. Awesome!



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5 responses to “Playoffs. Because everyone deserves a second chance.

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Anything that claims USC won the title in 2003 immediately loses all credibility.

    The crystal is in Baton Rouge.


  2. Will Q

    “Awesome playoff system?” Wow, now Pete Carroll has become a parody of himself.


    • Dog in Fla

      Who wouldn’t want an awesome coach and real Hollywood cutup like Pete in charge of the bowls and playoffs? Maybe Pete could even get Lane to come back to LA and be his playoff assistant. Lane will probably be tired of Knoxville.

      But then I remembered Pete when he was first becoming a parody of himself at the Jets and Patriots when he couldn’t draft all the first round draft talent from Los Angeles like he does now and realized that he hasn’t been awesome all his life, just now. So maybe having Pete in charge of the awesome playoffs and bowls, which would then maybe not even be as awesomely mediocre as they are now, might not be such an awesome idea. So maybe Pete should stay where he is now in South Los Angeles so he can scoot over to Hollywood easier.


  3. Macallanlover

    Sooner or later everyone (except Delaney) comes around to the need for a playoff, just a question of when you get screwed. It is just wrong to have no conclusion to a sport this great, and one where the fans get so emotionally involved. Glad to have PC wake up, but can he really be that smart and not get it before now? It might take the Domers getting screwed to shock the world enough to get changes made; I just cannot imagine that ever happening to ND with the WWL in charge.