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The return of the Mumme Poll

The coach reflects on the poll outlasting his stint at New Mexico State.

The coach reflects on the poll outlasting his stint at New Mexico State.

I’m starting to get some questions about the Mumme Poll, both at the site and in e-mails, so I thought I’d take a moment and address them in a quick post.

  • First off, yes, I plan on hosting the Mumme Poll again this year.  I thought the format proved successful last season, so I won’t tinker with it this year.
  • No, you don’t have to be a blogger to participate (although bloggers are certainly welcome).  And, no, if you weren’t a voter last year, it doesn’t mean you can’t come on board this year.  If you’re a knowledgeable, interested football fan, you’re eligible.  That should include everyone who drops by GTP on a regular basis.  Except for the Russian spammers, of course.
  • I am looking for a greater pool of participants than we had last year.  We started in the sixties and wound up with about half that at season’s end.  I’d like to get the voting pool up to around 100.  And I’d like it to stay there, so I’m looking for folks who will be motivated to stick around all season.
  • I would really, really like more geographic diversity than we had the first go around.  While I didn’t see much evidence of Georgia bias in the voting, I still think it’s healthier to get perspectives from outside of the school, the conference and the region.
  • The first official vote won’t take place until after the games of week six, with a practice vote after the games of week five, so you’ll have until then to decide to hop on board.

If you’ve got any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know.



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Early 2009 betting lines

The Las Vegas Sun has a piece up on the betting lines for the biggest games of the 2009 college football season.

As you might expect, the Gators are getting a lot of love right now.

Florida, the heavy preseason favorite to win the national championship, commands some of the largest point spreads on the board. The Gators opened as a 24-point favorite against Tennessee on Sept. 19 and are favored by 22 points against Florida State on Nov. 28. The Gators are a favorite of 2-1 — or less — to win the national title in Las Vegas sports books. Florida even inspired a “yes/no” proposition at all Lucky’s books that allows gamblers to lay minus 240 (risk $2.40 to net $1) that it will not win the national title.

If you look at some of the lines on individual games, there’s some other stuff of interest.

  • Bettors like Georgia Tech’s chances in the ACC.  The Jackets are listed as favorites against Clemson, Miami, Florida State and Virginia Tech.
  • Georgia is now a one point favorite in Atlanta against Tech, though.
  • Ole Miss is favored against both LSU and Alabama.  And ‘Bama is the favorite against LSU, as well.
  • The line most likely to change between now and game time?  USC is only giving six points against Notre Dame.
  • A close second is Alabama -5 against Auburn.
  • And that Ohio State -6 against Michigan might not be there, either.
  • On the other hand, the Red River Shootout looks pretty solid with Texas as a one-point favorite.


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Factoid of the day

This one goes out to every dolt who thinks the Georgia fan base is growing restless enough with Mark Richt to put him on a “hot seat”.

Fun fact: The Bulldogs are seeking their seventh 10-win season in nine years under Mark Richt. Georgia had seven 10-win seasons in 25 years under Vince Dooley.

We may get impatient now and then, but we ain’t stupid.


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Thursday morning buffet

Lots of tasty morsels in the world of college football for your sampling pleasure:


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“Forget the current system. Blow it up.”

Dell McGee bans Georgia from recruiting his kids.  Right or wrong about that, one his players backs away from Georgia and commits to Clemmins.  And two other high school coaches think the problem with recruiting is that schools are offering too many kids (the MAC is the worst offender?).

Maybe I’m crazy, but the more I read this kind of stuff, the more I think this proposal makes sense.


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Opening day can’t get here soon enough.

Andre Sexton, Oklahoma State linebacker, has taken it upon himself to be a one man source of bulletin board material for Georgia’s opener.

Two years later, Andre Sexton remembers the famous hedges at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. He remembers the “G” on the Bulldogs’ helmets, the huge crowd, and the excitement of opening a college football season knowing much of the country was watching.

Most of all, though, he remembers the fear.

Back before the Oklahoma State Cowboys had grown accustomed to attention — before their coach became a YouTube sensation and their national ranking vaulted into the Top 10 — Sexton and his teammates didn’t know how to handle it. So they allowed themselves to be intimidated.

But with another season-opening date against Georgia a little more than a month away, the Cowboys can’t wait to show how much they’ve changed.

“Now we know,” said Sexton, a senior OSU linebacker, “Georgia’s the one that has to be scared. Not us.”

Damn, son, I’m not sure I would have said that.


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Kiffin watch: on to Plan E.

Hmm… maybe Nick Lamaison is that intimidating a player.

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