Doing the talking on the field

Good article from David Hale in the Macon Telegraph today on Georgia’s offensive line, with a telling quote from Mark Richt about what he sees as the formula for success on that side of the ball this season:

“I really believe that if the offensive line matures the way we expect it to, we won’t need as many heroics,” Richt said. “If the quarterback has more time to search the field and the receiver has longer to get open and running backs have more space to run through that line of scrimmage, then your skill guys get better by virtue of your offensive line being better, and we’re hoping that’s the case.”

The vision makes sense; it’s all about the execution.  A pass rushing defensive end or two wouldn’t hurt in cutting down on the need for offensive heroics either.

Oh, and kudos to Hale for writing an informative article on the offensive line without getting a quote from Stacy Searels.  Nobody said it would be easy.


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2 responses to “Doing the talking on the field

  1. Macallanlover

    That is very well-stated by CMR, and exactly what I have been trying to explain to those who question how I can feel optimistic about this team. Not dismissing the difficulty of the schedule, but I think we can play anyone on our schedule head-up, anyone. That doesn’t mean I feel we will be undefeated, but I like the strength of our combined offensive and defensive fronts. In the SEC, that has proven to be the most important ingredients for a successful stew.

    You don’t need a KM of you aren’t having to shake tacklers three yards deep in your backfield, and your Qb doesn’t need a cannon of an arm if you aren’t having to throw off your back foot while falling away from a pass rush. This offense has plenty of weapons, especially the stable of RBs at Bobo’s fingertips.


  2. joe

    Well stated. Its starts and ends on the LOS.