Envy and jealousy: Ivan Maisel wins the Clay Travis sweepstakes.

This is classic.

From the 7/29 ESPNU College Football Podcast, Ivan Maisel comes up with the perfect response to the “are you saving yourself for marriage?” query thrown at the GPOOE™ at SEC Media Days.  It starts at about the 13:00 mark:

“No, I’m saving myself for Georgia.”

That would have brought the house down.


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4 responses to “Envy and jealousy: Ivan Maisel wins the Clay Travis sweepstakes.

  1. NCT

    I love the off-season podcast with Ivan and Beano. Even with Beano’s slobbering for Notre Dame (he makes up for it with his total adoration of the SEC), it’s a whole lot of fun, full of great history and trivia, like the HOF birthdays discussions. I’m not sure there are many ESPN writers who could handle Beano as well as Ivan does (maybe Schlabach). And the Papa Bowden interview a couple of weeks ago discussing the evolution of various offenses was golden. I say give Ivan and Beano a Peabody.


  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, I wish he had said that instead


  3. Brandon

    “Why don’t you ask your mama” would have been pretty good too.


  4. joe

    I’m a dyed in the wool dawg fan, and that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.