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A penny for your thoughts

I know, I know, Urban Meyer’s the first coach in the SEC to join the $4 million per year salary club – no doubt he deserves it, by the way – which will be taken as a sign from the gods by every Gator fan in existence that he’s staying in Gainesville forever and a day.

But if I can be that little nagging thought that resides in the back of their reptilian brains just for a minute, consider one thing:  if Notre Dame is paying Charlie Weis over $4 million per year right now, how much would it pay for a real coach?



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Craig Thompson welcomes our new computer poll overlords.

Fresh off of getting his playoff proposal smacked down by the BCS folks, MWC commissioner Craig Thompson turns his attention to the lowest hanging fruit on the college football postseason tree – the Coaches’ Poll.

“I’ve never been a great fan of the opinion polls. That’s all they are,” Thompson said. “Just the Tim Tebow story from last week is the perfect example. Coaches aren’t filling those (ballots) out, and those that do, aren’t they kind of busy on Saturdays?”

“I’ve always been a proponent of the computer polls,” Thompson added. “They just look at statistics. At least it’s a little more performance based than a human being that’s saying, ‘Well gee, I saw nine of their games….’”

Maybe that explains why Kyle Whittingham voted his own team fifth in the final regular season poll.  Funny thing is, though, the computers agreed with him.

Shameless plug insert.

(h/t Dan Shanoff)

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Lost in the kudzu

I dunno… it’s hard to accept the authenticity of a fan video about the GPOOE™ without any jorts in it.

Although I have to say it still beats this abomination.


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Factoid of the day

You think having a returning starting quarterback is a big deal in the SEC?

… The past 10 quarterbacks to win SEC titles – counting those who led teams for the majority of the season – entered their championship year having averaged 10.6 career starts.

Eight straight SEC champions were essentially led by a veteran quarterback.

I presume the “essentially” applies to D. J. Shockley.

You can see the breakdowns for past seasons and what every school returns this year here.


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Pace, offensive efficiency, Georgia (and Penn Wagers!)

Brian Cook links to a post at Barking Carnival that explores the concept of “pace” – how many possessions an offense can cram into a game.  While that article evaluates the Big XII in that context, there’s also a chart provided that ranks all 120 D-1 teams according to pace.

As Brian notes, pace doesn’t necessarily equate with excellence.  He points out several reasons for that.

… It’s a good start, but there are a lot of limitations to the study. KenPom adjusts his official pace measures by the pace of your opponents. That corrects for situations like playing Northwestern’s basketball team a lot. This study doesn’t have it. Also, there’s no shot clock in football* and game situations dictate hurrying up or slowing down depending on who’s in the lead, so one reason you might find a bunch of good teams at the bottom is their ability to get in front and then boa constrictor the life out of a game.

All of which reminds me of a post I threw out here last December, in which I looked at Georgia through the prism of yards per play.  Here are a couple of things I noted in particular about Bobo’s offense:

  • Average yards per play (offense). Georgia ranks a staggering ninth in the country, at 6.8 ypp.  That’s Big XII country, folks.  Indeed, Georgia is right up there with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas.  The only SEC team with a better number is Florida.
  • Total yards per game (offense). Georgia ranks 21st nationally, which isn’t bad, but isn’t close to where the top Big XII schools rank.  The reason for the disparity in these first two categories is that the Dawgs are a woeful 92nd in the country in the number of plays run on offense.  That adds up to a lot of yardage not being gained.  Texas, for example, runs almost nine more plays a game on offense than does Georgia, so that while its average yards per play is less, its total yardage is over forty yards a game more.

The question is, how much of that was by design and how much of it was forced on the team by game circumstances?  It’s hard to quantify.  I think Richt prefers a controlled pace, overall, to protect his defense, but he’s also a guy who’s seen a lot of value in no-huddle stuff going back to his salad days as the FSU offensive coordinator.

And, of course, as we all ruefully remember, there were a few games last year where the defense couldn’t be protected enough.

Brian’s promising some follow up on drive efficiency, which I’m looking forward to seeing.  (And we probably shouldn’t forget about Steele’s scoring efficiency metric, yards per point, as we try to evaluate college football offenses.)

One other thing, off-topic, but intriguing.  Did you catch this throwaway stat in the Barking Carnival post?  “…I will still ignore the fact that the SEC called holding 30% more often than the Big 12 last year.” Assuming that it’s an SEC crew we’ll see calling the game in Stillwater, that could lead to some interesting moments.  I’d love to hear Mike Gundy’s opinion of Penn Wagers.  After the game.


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Monday morning buffet

Rise and shine, people.

  • Joe Cox can do football-speak with the best of them:  “There’s a possibility to get worse and a possibility to get better…”
  • Meet Jacory Harris, sexy quote machine.
  • A faithful GTP reader alerted me to this photo gallery at his blog, where some excellent Dawgy stuff resides.  Take a look.
  • If you think a Florida writer doing an article about the spread would gush all over Urban Meyer, you’d be right.  But he does some bonus gushing over the old Fun ‘n Gun – because as we all know, the modern college football era began in 1990.
  • That being said, it’s fair to say that the Gators are on everyone’s minds going into the start of the season.
  • For all of you who’ve been worried about the wear and tear from flying on the team, the Dawgs have an answer for you:  direct flights at Athens-Ben Epps Airport.
  • More urban blight on the way to the Atlanta area.


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