Factoid of the day

You think having a returning starting quarterback is a big deal in the SEC?

… The past 10 quarterbacks to win SEC titles – counting those who led teams for the majority of the season – entered their championship year having averaged 10.6 career starts.

Eight straight SEC champions were essentially led by a veteran quarterback.

I presume the “essentially” applies to D. J. Shockley.

You can see the breakdowns for past seasons and what every school returns this year here.



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5 responses to “Factoid of the day

  1. JasonC

    You have to love those Bama fans. McElroy, might be alright, but if he was so good, don’t you think he would have beaten JPW?
    I had lunch with my uncle and he was talking about Julio and acting like AJ wasn’t anywhere near as good.


  2. Merk

    Yea…people act like Stafford being so great is why AJ and MoMass had such a great year. Really, most the time, it was because of those 2 that Stafford looked good . They were able to get open quick enough that Stafford didn’t get sacked or have to force a throw often enough to keep the ball moving. UGA had no one at Tight End, but had to leave the position in the game because the OL was so depleted. Which meant with UGAs playbook coming mostly out of the “I-Form” we could only have 2 receivers on the field at once. I think we only threw it to TEs like 5-6 times after the SC game, the one where Chandler dropped like 2-3 First Down passes. (Lets not forget the wide a$$ open TD failure by the TE against Fla.) Either way THANK GOD for viable TEs coming in this year.


  3. kckd

    Senator, I find the numbers very inconclusive when you take a closer look. The QBs with less starts actually won more SECCGs than the ones who didn’t. And quite a few got there with hardly any starting experience. It helps to have experience, but it’s not nearly as big a deal as the article wants to say it is.

    And Merk, sorry man, but Stafford’s quick release and ability to throw with bad mechanics helped the OL and helped AJ and MM. He was and is a true talent and looks like he’s a shoe in to start his very first pro game at this point.


    • I don’t think he’s arguing that the team with the more experienced QB wins the SECCG. He’s saying that the odds on getting to the SECCG are better for those teams with experienced QBs.


      • kckd

        8 out of the last 20 starting QBs in the SECCG had four career starts or lest.

        I just don’t think the numbers are nearly as gargantuan as you or he thinks. It’s obviously gonna be more likely just in terms of mathematical probability that the starting QB in any game played will have more than 6 starts.

        Most college QBs don’t start one year and then hand off to the next guy. Generally speaking if you are good enough to start, you’re gonna do it for at least a two to three year period. The law of averages would then favor you having a few starts if you made the SECCG at random.

        IYAM, I’m more shocked that 40% of the QBs in the SECCG had four starts or less than the other way around.