Lost in the kudzu

I dunno… it’s hard to accept the authenticity of a fan video about the GPOOE™ without any jorts in it.

Although I have to say it still beats this abomination.


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6 responses to “Lost in the kudzu

  1. NRBQ

    Somebody with the technical wherewithal has GOT to post this at EDSBS. Please.


  2. JasonC

    I could only stomach a minute of it.


  3. These cheesy gators rednecks

    make the “icy hot stuntas” look reasonable. At least those were just stupid, suburbanite kids.

    These are grown men for crying out loud.

    Professionals of their trade!

    One of those guys was a former dry-wall subcontractor turned welfare recipient/meth distributor!

    Now that’s Gator for you!


  4. digidy dawg

    Meth’s a powerful drug.


  5. Doc

    I cut it off at 0:36.


  6. GumpDawg

    and…uhh…why was the orange shirted doufus wearing the man purse…uh…backpack?

    and exactly how drunk does one, even a gator, have to be to do this?