ESPN, that’s so 2007.

Should I be flattered or scared that I anticipated this Pat Forde exercise two and a half years ago?  And can I charge royalties?

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  1. G.O.B.

    According to their insipid Upper League “Draft,” Georgia gets picked at number ten. I wonder how we would fare playing a round-robin conference slate made up of USC, OU, UT, tOSU, Penn State and some Catholic school in Indiana in addition to UF, LSU and Bama. Talk about a murderer’s row. (Though “inconveniencing” might be a better adjective for ND right now than “murderous.”)

    I must have started browsing here regularly after you made that post, but I’ve always liked the two-division idea with play-in games. I think the “Darwin Bowls” could steal plenty of attention from even the national championship, considering the stakes involved.