Tuesday afternoon buffet

Get that Moody Blues tune out of your heads, now…



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10 responses to “Tuesday afternoon buffet

  1. Atlchris

    You gotta love how they always refer to Wyoming- UT.. I think thats gonna be my rebuttal for anything a UT fan says for now on.. ” Wyoming- Tennessee.”


  2. Turd Ferguson

    Speaking of Stafford …

    The Lions’ new offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, was recently asked about Stafford’s preparedness. Specifically, he was asked if Stafford had to “unlearn” anything that he’d learned in college (or high school). Here’s what Linehan had to say:

    “He was very well coached and very well prepared,” Linehan said. “Actually, we’d go the other way with that question and say what he did in college and high school has prepared him for being in the position he is now. There are a lot of guys who come in and you say ‘He only operated in the shotgun’ or ‘He ran a spread offense.’ This guy ran a pro-style system and shot the ball down the field and attacked all parts of the field with the passing game – and did a great job running the run game. I’d go in a different direction with that question.”

    Nice to hear. (And maybe another thing to share with recruits …)


  3. WitSec

    I’m an extra in “The Blindside”. They outfitted me and about 15 other big guys in Ol’ Miss warmups and we walked through “The Grove” as a team, led by Coach O himself. He hollered at us between takes like we were his team.

    I’m posting under an assumed name in order to protect my Dawg credibility. I guess I should have thought of that before I outfitted myself as Runnin’ Reb in a Hollywood movie! What’s that famous stripper phrase, “I was young and needed the money”.


  4. G.O.B.

    I assumed that TBS was going to have some element of realism since they went to the trouble of bringing in the actual coaches to play themselves. But it seems odd to bring them in to a project that’s just going to end up as a sappy inspirational family movie, which it seems to be marketed as. (Maybe Saban just wanted to one-up Richt’s “Facing the Giants” appearance.)

    My hope is that the actual film is closer to the book in content and tone, and the marketing department, handed a film more closely following Lewis’ book but lacking in marketability, limited the trailer to Sandra Bullock and the Fray in order to appeal to a wider audience. That’s my hope, at least.


  5. digidy dawg

    Kinda off of these subjects a little, but if anyone hasn’t read Richt’s Teusday’s press conferance you need to at “The Dawgbone”. The last statement he gave said a lot about what he’s learned over the last 9 years. I for one believe in what CMR is doing for the program in the big picture. No one wants to win a championship more than him, but he knows it not just what Ga’s program is about.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Lou lives in Florida?

    What do ‘Mein Kampf’ and Lou have in common? They both think Hitler is a great leader.


  7. Wreckage

    I wouldn’t expect you to pass on the opportunity to take digs at Tech, but did you ever see what Navy’s home attendance and atmosphere looked like before Johnson?

    They were at 86-88% of their 33,000 seat capacity from 2000-2003. By 2007-8 they were in the top ten most filled stadiums nationally, at 102% of capacity.

    Johnson, and his level of winning, will improve attendance at Tech.


  8. Wolfman

    I’d like to see Rep. Holth give that Congressional locker room pep talk. Corrine Brown has already set the bar pretty high.


  9. S.E. Dawg

    TF, be careful, as you know from what we’re all hearing, our coaches can’t coach.

    From my point of view the coaches are doing a great job.