Early factoid of the day

Courtesy of Matt Melton’s excellent Statistically Speaking:

At Florida, Urban Meyer is 18-2 against the SEC East, but only 6-6 versus the West.

In that same span, Georgia is 12-8 versus the East, but 10-2 versus the West.


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3 responses to “Early factoid of the day

  1. kckd

    That’s interesting, the key to getting to ATL though, it’s best to beat up on your own division and then save your west wins for the dome.

    If you want to see where we might have an edge on UF in the future, it would appear to be QB recruiting. Hard to beat free pub like this:

    Linehan was asked if Stafford at least had to unlearn anything from college that might not translate in the NFL. On the contrary, Linehan said, all of Stafford’s previous experience has him primed to succeed at this level.

    “There’s a lot of guys who come in and say, ‘Hey, he only operated in shotgun or he ran a spread offense and he was running a different type of offense.’ This guy ran a pro-style system,” Linehan said. “He shot the ball down the field, he attacked all parts of the field with the passing game and did a great job of running their run game.”

    Link: http://www.freep.com/article/20090805/SPORTS01/908050340/1048/rss03


  2. 69Dawg


    I saw that article too. CMR should request copies for future use. We should get all the East Coast QB’s to line up for the Pro QB classes at UGA.


  3. hccargo

    And therein lies the number of times each team has made it to Atlanta since Meyer’s arrival. Not all SEC wins are equal. Losses to Florida and occasional losses to USC, Tennessee, etc. have really been what has cost the Dawgs. More often than now UF has been able to overcome their losses to the West- like last year.