Somebody’s in their corner.

Fresh off of College Football News‘ #5 preseason ranking for Georgia, Pete Fiutak doubles down today with this bit in his SEC preview:

Team That’ll Surprise

Georgia – It’s all relative. Georgia was No. 1 to start out 2008 and came up with a disappointing 9-3 regular season. Now the spotlight is off, with all the attention being paid to Florida and Ole Miss, but don’t go to sleep on the loaded Dawgs and don’t just assume they’ll take any sort of a step back just because it lost Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno to the NFL a year early. Of course, Georgia would likely be everyone’s preseason No. 2 team had Stafford and Moreno returned, but it’s not far off as is. The offensive line might be the best in America, the defense will be swarming, and the bevy of strong backs are good enough to carry the offense when the passing game isn’t working. There will be tests, the season opener at Oklahoma State should be the SEC’s best non-conference challenge, but no matter how that turns out, don’t be shocked if it’s Georgia, and not Florida, winning the SEC title.

I think it’s safe to say we won’t read anyone else in the general media who will come out quite as bullishly in the preseason about Georgia’s chances as that.



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  1. The Realist

    Andre Ware on CFB Live had the Dawgs going 8-4. CFN has Georgia as a national title contender. I’m thinking somewhere in between is where they’ll end up. 10 wins, a shot at a top 10 finish, a win over a rival or two, and this season will have been a resounding success in my mind.


    • I do think the pundits tend to look past how well this program has recruited under Richt. I can’t say I’m ready to jump off the cliff with Fiutak, but even with Staff and Moreno gone, there’s still a heckuva lot of talent in Athens this year.


  2. D.N. Nation

    Andre Ware on CFB Live had the Dawgs going 8-4.

    I figured I’d be OK with 9-4, which is what we did in 2006 and essentially Ware’s prediction.

    Strength in the OL can mask many deficiencies in offensive talent, of course (hi, 2008 Alabama!).

    don’t be shocked if it’s Georgia, and not Florida, winning the SEC title.

    Easiest path to this is for eauxverrated LSU to nip the Gators in Baton Rouge and for us to come up with a 2007-esque mouth-punching in the WLOCP. That allows for two conference losses on our part.


  3. MacAttack

    Alright, Alright….which one of you all hacked into his account and wrote that?


    • Dog in Fla

      Urban did it. Because he knows Mark hates to be over-rated. Urban just took a bushel full of last year’s Georgia preseason #1 predictions, edited them down a little and submitted it as this year’s Fiutak’s because it’s so much easier for Fiutak that way.

      p.s., I think it’s supposed to be ai-ight, ai-ight…