At least they waited until the first week of August.

They haven’t even put the finishing touches on their depth charts – hell, Nick Saban hasn’t finished kicking kids off the team yet, has he? – but the coaches are going to present their preseason top 25 poll this Friday.

That’s nuts.  Pointlessly nuts.  There are still some teams who haven’t gotten preseason practice underway.  So what’s with the rush to judgment?

If you’re Spurrier, you might as well toss a bone to Duke.  It’s not much less of an informed vote than most of the ones that’ll be cast by him and his peers this week.


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4 responses to “At least they waited until the first week of August.

  1. 'matsdawg

    Saw the article about Bama this A.M. and wondered how you would roll it in (get it? I am on fire) – Now I see how Saban can make so many offers…


  2. kckd

    As ridiculous as it may be, there are just far more things of importance out there even in college athletics than this.

    I still see no preseason poll that caused highway robbery in the college football season.

    Perhaps the best would be Auburn 2004, but you’d really have to jump through hoops to even have a sniff at proving it.

    And Auburn played a very, very weak OOC schedule that year.


    • In fairness to 2004 Auburn they did have Bowling Green originally scheduled who reneged on the game very late to take a bigger paycheck to get beat down by Oklahoma. Therefore, Auburn had to scramble to get another home game and all they could get was the Citadel.


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