The tao of spread

Read this New Age-y quote from Rich Rodriguez about the spread.

The spread is whatever a coach wants it to be.

“It’s a philosophy offense, meaning it is whatever your offensive philosophical views want it to be,” Rodriguez said. “And everyone who runs the spread is always looking to throw in a wrinkle here and there, so it’s also an ever-changing offense…”

Then read this from Chris Dufresne…

4. Which is the most intriguing team out there?

Georgia Tech. First-year coach Paul Johnson did something last year that first-year Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez failed to do: he took over a team, junked the scheme and won anyway.

Georgia Tech finished 9-4 operating Johnson’s unique triple-option offense. The Yellow Jackets flourished despite finishing 116th nationally in passing — you talk about old school. Johnson basically now has Navy, where he previously prevailed, only with more quality players. There’s no reason to think Georgia Tech can’t wreck the winnable Atlantic Coast Conference.

And ask yourself:  is Rodriguez as smart as he thinks he is?


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19 responses to “The tao of spread

  1. 81Dog

    Maybe Rich Rod’s philosophy is “Getting my ass handed to me in the Big Ten is worth the huge money they’re paying me. Although, I do miss the couch burnings.”

    Paul Johnson’s philosophy is apparently “I’m a self-important little prick.” He’s right on the money so far. No doubt he’s a good football coach; on the other hand, he’s not exactly splitting atoms over there at the Joke. He pouts and struts like he invented football or something. You’d think a guy who barely beat Gardner Webb and got his ass handed to him in the Peach Bowl would be a tad more humble.


    • Bill

      Wow 81 Dog. That may be a record number of criticisms for a one paragraph rant. Could you possibly be a tad bit insecure about a UGA universe with Coach Johnson in it?

      As the little brother in this rivalry, Tech doesn’t need the respected old coach that all UGA fans like because he doesn’t upset the order of things. Tech needs a guy that has an attitude and wants to punch UGA in the mouth … which he did.

      And that is what irks you the most about him.


      • Piss colored yellow

        UGA fans really aren’t insecure or even nervous about the changes at Tech. We weren’t nervous when we lost 3 in a row when you had Joe Magic and the goose under center. We simply understood then, as we do now, that this game has its ebbs and flows and that Tech is going to win 3 of 20, or so. So ok. Good for Tech.

        But remember that the Tech program will always be little brother and that big brother will take your punch and then proceed to knock your fucking lights out. Don’t think that Mark Richt is any less competitive than pudgy Paul Johnson.

        You can have your attitude. The triple caught everyone off guard. Won’t happen again Bill.


        • Bill

          Dear Mr. Piss:

          I would be concerned if the TO caught you off guard last year. CPJ has only been running it for like 30 years.

          But let me leave you with one word to always remember re CPJ … adjustments. CPJ is not a great coach because of the spread option. He is a great coach because he can adjust better on the fly as well as anyone in the country. You stop the option … fine. He will adjust and punch you in the face in a different way.


          • 81Dog

            let me use an example a callow nerd like you would recognize, Bill. Remember that Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie? Remember the knight who kept running his yapper while he kept getting limbs sawed off? Remember how insecure he made all the people he was yelling at feel? That’s how insecure the mighty Mini-Skipper makes me feel. He’s not any more of a genius, any more heralded, or any more successful against UGA than Pepper Rodgers was at a similar point in his majestic reign as GTU resident savior. Anyone remember how that worked out in year 2?

            Tech beat us last year. No excuses. It happens about twice a decade. Just think, if he can do it again every year for the next 20 years, you pencil necks will be even with us. I guess Les Miles must be the smartest coach in the history of college football; he made the Mini-Skipper look like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest last year when he took the greatest on the fly adjustment maker in America to the woodshed in the Bowl Formerly Known As the Peach.

            See you in November. Soon, you mustard stained weasels will be able to go back to what you do best: pretending that, despite yet another loss to UGA, your pathetic little football program is just as good as ours. Have a Zima and let the grownups talk about the big boy stuff.


          • Piss colored yellow

            Ok Bill.

            You win.

            PJ makes terrific adjustments.

            But what adjustments will he make with his TO? It’s not complicated, hence his ability to implement effectively. It’s simple assignment football. A good tackling team with discipline will beat Tech.

            See LSU.


          • Reggie Ball

            Mr. Bill,
            I believe “Piss Colored Yellow” is a term referring to Tech’s colors.

            So – in effect, the poster is referring to you/Bill as Mr. Piss. I believe you missed this distinction.



            • Bill

              Mr. Piss etc.

              I didn’t realize how big of LSU fans you guys were. Maybe next year you can choose another team (maybe Va Tech) to vicariously live through. Since UGA can’t get the job done against CPJ.


              • 81Dog

                Great idea, Bill. I guess that means we can all look forward to the end of Tech fans getting giddy with excitement every time someone else beats UGA. Because, you know, you dweebs have beaten us legitimately exactly one time since 1990.

                Enjoy your win from 2008, which Tech earned and deserved. Just don’t be so fast to assume that NOW you pencil necks are rolling. Like, say, you did in 1990. Or 1985. Or 1974.


  2. Ben in Georgia

    Answer: No, he’s not. He’s Urban Meyer Lite. I’m sure he’ll win some at Michigan, but he’s not the next coming of…Lloyd Carr?

    As for Johnson, I’d walk around like that too if I were him. Do you remember how many people were screaming at him last year that his scheme “couldn’t work in big time college football?” Which was the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard, but that horse is dead and buried. We, as Georgia fans, have to accept the fact that Tech will now win more often than once every 8 years.


  3. Give Rodriguez that Tech team and he wins at least 9 games too. Michigan’s offense was a black hole with almost no talent to speak of.


  4. willwc

    I don’t know exactly whether Rodriguez himself or the notion of the ‘spread’ offense is under attack in this post, but I feel like it’s worth pointing out that Johnson and Rodriguez both have offenses that operate under very, very similar philosophies, with the primary difference being the quarterback’s positioning (under center for Johnson vs. shotgun for Rodriguez). I’d give Rodriguez a few years to actually get some players into his system before calling him a massive failure at Michigan. Georgia Tech’s offense didn’t exactly flourish, to put it mildly, when injuries forced Calvin Booker (a prototypical pocket QB) to start against Gardner-Webb. It’s not a huge surprise that Rodriguez’s offense failed similarly with the two-headed monster of Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet behind the wheel, as neither of those guys have the same set of skills as the players that succeeded with Rodriguez at West Virginia.


    • I can’t say that I was attacking anything with this post. I simply find it interesting that Rodriguez went in to his new gig with far more credibility about whether his offense would succeed in a new setting than did Johnson, and yet when the dust settled at the end of the season, it was Johnson’s scheme that proved far more effective.


  5. Savannah Mike

    PJ did get it together pretty quick.

    Little do they know though, we gave them that game, they didn’t take it from us.


  6. Crack Of Dawn

    That is a very weak premise on which to build a discussion.


  7. Captain Obvious

    Jimmies and Joe’s not x’s and o’s moron.

    Look at who Michigan and GT had at QB, it’s not rocket science.


    • Ah, I’ve see we’ve reached the personal insults portion of the program.

      I’m just guessing, Captain, that you’re not intimately familiar with the Tech program, because going into last season, the only people that were confident Nesbitt would be able to direct that offense were Josh and his mom.

      I’m sure I missed your observations on this, but I didn’t see anyone who thought that Georgia Tech would win nine games last year and that Michigan would lose that many. If you were that prescient, my hat’s off to you.

      And here’s the thing: if it’s not rocket science, why didn’t RR beat the bushes and find a high school QB who could have come in last year and done better. Hell, just in this state alone, I bet there was a qualified candidate or two who would have been a better fit.

      By the way, how much rocket science is involved in the hiring of a defensive coordinator?