Well, we’ve all got our stories to tell.

So Eric Berry wants to do a little rippin’ on Mark Richt for using his palm as a crib sheet, does he?  Well, Mark Richt sees that comment and raises it one grandmother, sucka.

Richt was talking about freshman receiver Marlon Brown’s grandmother, who strongly influenced his decision to come to Georgia (much, you’ll recall, to Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin’s chagrin).

Richt: “Well, she just is a wonderful lady. When grandmothers are raising their grandchildren as the main caretaker, that in itself is a wonderful thing, and you’ve got to give her a lot of credit. But she is a very tough woman, very intelligent. She is a disciplinarian. Marlon is the way he is because of her. And he has the utmost respect for her, and he should. And even in the very end of the recruiting process, when she didn’t like the way things were handled, she jumped right in and took care of business. She is a no-nonsense gal, I’d say.”

Reporter: She didn’t like the way what was handled?

Richt: “Just at the very end, the last day. Once he had made his decision, she felt like it should be a very happy day for him. And there were some people trying to confuse him;  I guess [‘confuse’] would be a good word.”

Reporter (sarcastically): People actually  use confusion in recruiting occasionally?

Richt (smiling): “It’s like a,  you know, people say, well, I won’t say it.  I won’t say it. Nah,  I’m not saying it.  I’ve got to watch what I say. People make a bigger deal than it should be.”

Well played, Coach.  As we like to say here at GTP, it’s all part of the plan.


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3 responses to “Well, we’ve all got our stories to tell.

  1. kckd

    Damn, he just missed a great opportunity to put UGA’s name out there where we could get in these kids’ heads. (wink, wink)


  2. Left to Right

    That’s as close as Mark Richt is ever going to get to calling another coach out-especially an SEC c0ach.


  3. Savannah Mike

    Boy Lame Kitten is going to have a long season