It was a very exciting morning!

If you’re like me, the first thing that comes to mind when you want to mock Georgia Tech football is the association we all make between the school’s prototypically dweebish  student and his or her fascination with the geekier components of sci-fi/fantasy.   Your average Trekkie, in other words.

So excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing after seeing this.  It’s sort of like what you’d get if you crossed Wild Boyz with DragonCon.  Minus the Klingon hangers on, of course.

The looks on the faces of the two in the last picture are priceless.

(h/t Spasibazatort @ DawgPost)


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6 responses to “It was a very exciting morning!

  1. georgiadawg85

    Tech is always good for providing us fresh material to mock them with. Seriously, we didn’t even have to try on this one.


    • RedCrake

      Stafford poses on a boat with a veritable smorgasbord of hot, scantily clad women whilst Tech players pose shirtless with robot cars.

      That about sums it up.


  2. Dog in TN

    They look really excited to be there.


  3. Will Q

    What the hell is going on with all the shirtless football players posing with cars now?

    Coach Richt, just say no.


    • baltimore dawg

      yeah, right. why all the staged homoerotic team photos this year?

      not that there’s anything wrong with that. . . .


  4. 81Dog

    It’s like the Village People meets Revenge of the Nerds, shaken up and mixed with A Brief History of Time.

    I guess their ace marketing department really knows their own fanbase, however. Personally, I think the automotive science fiction fetish homosexual community has been underserved and (you should pardon the expression) untapped for far too long. Good for the GTU marketers for reaching out to them!