Sometimes it’s better to keep your head down and your mouth shut.

If there’s a point to interviewing Jay Jacobs about the Chizik hire, it escapes me.  I mean, are we expecting Jacobs to say, “now that I think about it, I sure blew that call…”?  Don’t be silly.

What is kind of silly is listening to his self-serving rationalization for the decision to bring Chizik back to the Plains.  This is my favorite:

“If he was still an assistant at Texas at the time, nobody would have said a word,” Jacobs said of the criticism.

But that’s the thing – he wasn’t in Texas anymore, Dorothy.  Whether or not he cares to admit it now, Jacobs had a more recent, more relevant employment experience by which to judge Chizik.  So did everyone else with a brain.  That’s why Jacobs feels he has to make lame comments in defense of his decision.

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  1. No surprise, he’s not the only barner having to reach for a defense of the Chizik hire. They’ve got nothing…. everybody knows he was a crappy hire, but they’re just afraid to admit it.