Envy and jealousy: new kids on the block edition

If the LA Times’ Chris Dufresne isn’t the funniest guy writing about college football, he’s in my top three at worst, and he lives up to that billing with two zingers directed at the Auburn brass who hired Chizik and at Junior in two brief, yet sweet paragraphs in his column about this year’s coaching changes.

You changed coaches . . . why?

1 and 1-A. Tennessee/Auburn. Lane Kiffin replaces Phil Fulmer; Gene Chizik subs in for Tommy Tuberville. Only in the SEC do you run two coaches off who were a combined 145 games over .500, but Fulmer hadn’t won a national title since 1998 and Tuberville hadn’t gone 13-0 since 2004.

Kiffin has proved to be a deft director of marketing, using the old Hollywood edict that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” even if it costs you a few NCAA secondary violations…


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2 responses to “Envy and jealousy: new kids on the block edition

  1. Conquest Chronicles

    You Sir would be correct in your opinion of Dufresne…

    There are days where he makes my hair hurt!


  2. Macallanlover

    It is embarrassing to see someone on the West Coast actually show more knowledge about college football that some people in the SEC. Tennessee and Auburn definitely downgraded, and that was pretty hard for TN to do. Mississippi State did better than both of its richer brothers (although I always liked Sly Croom….guess they had to try something different.)