Sunday morning buffet

Load ’em up, boys.

  • This is easily the worst SEC preview I’ve read so far this preseason.
  • Two-a-days sound like ever so much fun.
  • Given the state of the economy, I’ll be surprised if there isn’t growing pressure to end this trend.  Of course, Nick Saban may not have time for that shit.
  • Oklahoma State is starting to think about its opener.
  • And here’s what some of the Cowboys have to say about Georgia.  (There’s nothing inflammatory.)
  • Finally, here’s a look at OSU’s last eight season openers.


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10 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. I think the most surprising thing about that Barrow Co. News SEC preview is that it has buttons at the top for you to waste a friend’s time by emailing it, or waste paper by printing it.


  2. NCT

    From the article about Oklahoma State’s last eight openers:

    “2007: at Georgia, Georgia Stadium, UGA 35-14”.

    I’m sorry, but would it pain you too much to spend three seconds on any internet search engine to find out the name of our stadium? Maybe I can forgive someone halfway across the country for not knowing off the top of his head. On the other hand, a sportswriter on a college football beat writing about a game that was played there? I’m a little less forgiving. If he was in too much of a hurry, “Between the Hedges” would have been safer than a guess, and if that phrase didn’t come to mind, he’s in the wrong line of work.


  3. 69Dawg

    I think the in-state thing is a great idea. For years Tech ducked GSU but now they are going to play them. If GSU becomes a FBS team both UGA and Tech should schedule them to help fund it. If you are going to play the Tenn Techs of this world charity begins at home.


    • JasonC

      I really don’t think UGA or other SEC teams should be playing lower-division (FCS, Div 1AA?) schools at all. I certainly don’t think that wins against them should count toward bowl eligibility. However, if you are going to stoop down, then you probably should play in-state teams.
      Part of me can’t understand why Bama wouldn’t want to play UAB or Troy because it would seem like a more interesting opponent than North Texas or UL-M. But maybe they think giving UAB a little more of the spotlight would steal some from themselves.


  4. RedCrake

    As someone who lives but a few minuted from the Barrow County line, I’m not the least bit surprised by the quality of that writing/analysis.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Barrow had been annexed by the state of Alabama some time ago. When I go into town to shop at the “Quality Foods” the distance between the eyes grows shorter and shorter as you approach.