GTP’s recruit of the year

This is one paragraph of awesomeness from Tennessee’s newest commitment, Westlake linebacker Michael Taylor:

“It’s a beautiful city,” he said. “It’s a college town but it has life. It’s not dead with cow pastures and horses all around it. It has a city; it has something I can do. It’s a great place. I’m from California. I’m not trying to go to the middle of nowhere. I’m used to the city life. So Knoxville is a great place for Michael Taylor to be.”

There’s nothing like a seventeen-year old referring to himself in the third person.  He’s got Volunteer written all over him.


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9 responses to “GTP’s recruit of the year

  1. Dog in Fla

    Michael Taylor fires the first shot of his expected three-year war against Auburn for not offering Michael Taylor a scholarship. Others think that not offering Michael Taylor is a kudo to the Chiz, his badly needed first, for his personality evaluation skills.

    Some think Michael Taylor would benefit had he taken the offer from FIU because down in the pastures and tomato fields of Homestead is where Michael Irwin began to learn the fine art of a college player referring to himself in the third person. However, others feel that will be more than made up for by the sheer magnitude of leadership training and public relations skills that will be taught by Lane to Michael Taylor as Michael Taylor enters and completes Lane’s three year NFL draft prep course.


  2. Is Michael Taylor insulting us or Auburn? Wasn’t Georgia recruiting this kid hard a little while go. I seemed to remember reading an article about Georgia offering him a scholly on his birthday and him being thrilled. We got livestock around our school too. Who is he insulting us or Auburn?


    • Dog in Fla

      My reasoning is that even if it is us, blame Auburn anyway.

      Plus the word to emphasize in ‘The Loveliest Village on the Plains’ is ‘Plain’. An apt comparison may be to compare Auburn, AL with Athens, AL and Athens, GA with Athens, Greece without the sheep. The Auburn Vet School does put on a first-class rodeo though.

      But then again maybe Michael Taylor was talking about what Michael Taylor thought about Starkville which makes Auburn look like Canton.


  3. Left to Right

    His comments beg the question as to whether Mr. Taylor has actually visited Knoxville.


  4. Michael Taylor should really ask Michael Taylor if Michael Taylor wants to be known as Michael Taylor or Mr. UT. Anyway, thanks to Michael Taylor.


  5. JasonC

    I don’t know if he was referring to UGA or the auburn (the latter seems more obvious), but if he is referring to UGA…

    Athens may not be the biggest city, but the downtown is incredible. I have only been to Knoxville a few times and haven’t really spent much time in the “Metropolis of East Tennessee”, but I can’t image it would be much more impressive than Athens. Second, Athens is an hour or so away from ATL if you really want big city, not so much with Knoxville.

    However, if you are flying into ATL and then driving to Athens, any way you go, you are driving past quite a bit of farm land and rural areas. I remember picking up Sterling Boyd at the airport for his recruiting trip and he was dumbfounded by all the trees and greenery since he was from the Houston area.


  6. AbG

    Dear God Knoxville is awful. Just…just terrible.