He tried to do his best but he could not.

Well, it wasn’t
supposed to go
down that way.
But they burned his brother,
you know,
And they left him lying
in the driveway.
They let him down with nothin’.

— Neil Young, “Tired Eyes”

I’ve been out of pocket most of the day, so I didn’t catch up to the Justin Feagin story until this afternoon, but, Holy Mother of Crap, it makes for one sordid tale.

Feagin’s downfall started with a cocaine deal, detailed in U-M Department of Public Safety police reports. The coke deal ended with a U-M dorm room on fire, a fellow student headed for jail and Feagin back home in Florida.

That’s a lot going on in a two-sentence paragraph.   And it’s hard to see how some of this mess doesn’t wind up sticking to the people who thought it was a good idea to admit Feagin to Ann Arbor in the first place.

… Feagin came to Michigan as part of Rodriguez’s first recruiting class. He has admitted to dealing drugs and being arrested twice (for battery and trespass) when he was in high school, according to police reports.

That’s one helluva job with the due diligence, Coach.  Stuff like that comes back to bite you in the ass if you don’t start winning big quickly enough.


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