Now he tells us.

It sounds as if Corch Meyers is scrambling to find ways to motivate his preseason all-everything squad.

Such as telling everyone that no GPOOE™ is an island.

QB Tim Tebow is “nothing” without five blockers up front, Meyer said.

“What gets lost in the media and fans is Tim Tebow — it’s not Tim Tebow,” Meyer said “It’s everybody else, five guys playing like maniacs out front. … When Tim’s on every magazine, there should be five guys right behind him standing there.”

Quit rolling your eyes, people.  It’s not like the Corch had anything to do with that.


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8 responses to “Now he tells us.

  1. Brandon

    Did you really trade mark “GPOOE” or is that part of the joke?


  2. RedCrake

    Would it kill him to refer to him as Tim or Tebow? He has to use the whole name everytime?

    Its that slick, calculated crap that irritates me about Meyer. How many times did Richt say Matthew or Knowshon or Rennie…you know, like he has a close relationship with his players.

    The only thing I can figure is that Meyer thinks that by inserting his entire name into the lexicon he is enhancing his legend. I guess I shouldn’t expect any different from someone who insists on refering to himself in the third person.


  3. 69Dawg

    Could there be trouble in paradise? Could the other 104 playa’s be miffed by not even being known outside of their immediate families? Stay tuned as “As the Gayturds Turn” continues.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Corch Talk [Year IV, Episode 739]
    “Timmy can you hear me? Corch Communicates at T Squared”-

    “When Tim’s on every magazine, there should be five guys right behind him standing there,” and me, Urban Meyer, pointing and staring, standing in front of all six of them.


  5. So, first it’s “Tim Tebow is the greatest player of our era…” but now it’s “It’s not Tim Tebow, it’s the 5 guys in front of him blocking.” So, does that make them, “the greatest 5 players of our era?” Or, G5POOE?

    Which is it? GPOOE or G5POOE?

    Wait. I know the answer. It’s G22POOE.