Premature preseason observation #1

It’s early, which no doubt means I’m reading way too much into David Hale’s notes from yesterday’s practice, but still, I can’t help the way this feeds into my sense of optimism:

… Last week, Bobo was concerned about the offensive line’s ability to gel as a unit, but after a few more practices, he’s been impressed with how well the group has played together.

Trinton Sturdivant, Chris Davis, Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn and Clint Boling are currently projected as Georgia’s starting five, and Bobo said they’ve taken nearly all the reps with the first team since practice began last week.

Vince Vance and Justin Anderson are backing up and really pushing those guys for playing time, but right there, that’s the five,” Bobo said. “You can kind of see us coming together. The more those guys play together, the more they get used to each other, the better they become as a group.”

Yeah, I know he’s goes on to temper that with his “If we could stay together and stay healthy, in a couple years we might be great…” comment, but for me, how the offensive line will rank in the vast scheme of things isn’t the issue.  It’s how much confidence a stable offensive line will give Bobo in his playcalling and offensive philosophy.

It’s not just a matter of providing Cox with enough time to throw (and wouldn’t it have been interesting to see how a mature Stafford’s mechanics would have been behind a stable offensive line this year?) or King a good hole to run through.  It’s giving Bobo the flexibility to scheme more with the receivers and tight ends.

… Bobo said a key for wide receiver A.J. Green‘s success this season will be moving him around the field to create confusion on the defense. Whether a lot of motion will become a widespread part of the offensive attack, however, will depend a lot on who else lines up alongside Green.

“It really depends what the other guys that are in there, what they can handle,” Bobo said. “If we end up with Orson Charles and a couple other freshmen receivers, I don’t know how much they can handle movement. You want them to go out there and be able to play fast and execute using their athletic ability.”

The offensive line’s ability to reduce the need to rely on the tight end position for additional blocking support is going to be huge this year, I expect.


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2 responses to “Premature preseason observation #1

  1. TomReagan

    The focus seems to be on pass protection so far, but I’d like to have a line that can maul teams and take control up front.

    I read a WesterDawg, I think, post the other day on how Verron Haynes’ performances against Ole Miss and Tech back in Richt’s first season were the most impressive games that any back has had at UGA in the past decade.And I totally agree.

    If we can push some teams around up front when we commit to it, then this could be a very good year.


  2. 69Dawg

    As a former OLineman let me say that the OL loves to be the hitter not the hitee. Pass blocking is getting hit and taking the blows from the DL. Run blocking is payback to the sob’s on the DL. When the time comes our guys will exert their wills on the DL’s for the run.