Premature preseason observation #2

Feel free to mock me at season’s end over this call, but barring injury, this kid will have the biggest impact of any Georgia freshman this season.


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3 responses to “Premature preseason observation #2

  1. Juan Solo

    I agree 100%.

    We have a Jermaine Gresham! He is going to make Joe Cox look really, really good.


  2. Kevin

    Agreed. His contributions will be even more glaring giving the complete lack of TE inclusion last season


  3. Boz

    I particularly loved this quote, backing up things suggested on special teams.

    “Georgia held a special teams practice Tuesday at Sanford Stadium, working on punt and kickoff teams. “I think every freshman is playing special teams,” Charles said …”

    It’ll be nice to have the speed and talent of tomorrow making plays on special teams.