What are tight ends good for these days, anyway?

In the age of the spread, Mark Richt has an answer to that question.

“If the tight end is in the game and people understand that we are serious about running the football, most defenses are going to have to play base,” Richt said. “If you have a tight end who is a legitimate blocker but can catch the ball pretty well, you can get some matchups with linebackers and safeties.”

If you want that fleshed out some more, Chris Brown is ready to help.


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2 responses to “What are tight ends good for these days, anyway?

  1. Coastal dawg

    Three touchdowns from the TEs in the scrimmage today says a lot. You can’t double team AJ and get safety help over the TE.


  2. merk

    Exactly. Running an I-Form Off. w/o a TE receiving threat is terrible. If not for Stafford’s ability to throw bombs we would have been dead on Offense. I think AJ and Orson will be our 2 biggest receivers this year.