Kiffin watch: great moments in staff management

You think Pete Carroll would like a mulligan on this?

In the new book “Always Compete,” Steve Bisheff gets both Carroll and UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow to confirm that Chow left USC in 2005 because Carroll took away Chow’s play-calling duties to keep Lane Kiffin and newly rehired Steve Sarkisian happy. “Because of job opportunities some of our young guys had elsewhere, we had to do something to keep them,” Carroll said. USC hasn’t finished No. 1 since Chow left.

I’ll say one thing about Junior – I don’t know if he really can coach, but he’s sure good at convincing the guys making the hiring decisions that he can.

And I wonder what will be going through Norm Chow’s head during UCLA’s opener at Tennessee.



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12 responses to “Kiffin watch: great moments in staff management

  1. shadrach

    Lemme see. Reggie Bush and payola, paid consultants, critical losses to inferior opponents, and now affronting Norm Chow to appease Lane Kiffin. It’s becoming crystal clear that Carroll isn’t the genius, Einstein, supreme being, etc., that the fawning media has fallen over themselves to annoint. If we all could be as lucky as Pete Carroll.

    I hope Chow breaks the scoreboard against UT.


  2. JasonC

    “These aren’t the droids you are looking for.”


  3. DirkDawggler

    It just keeps getting better every day.


  4. Bulldog Bry

    Boy. Kiffin started that “master plan” stuff long ago, didn’t he?


  5. John

    Okay, I agree that hiring Kiffin was a stupid move by Tennessee, but are you serious with this crap?

    They did not lose to Texas in the Rose Bowl because of the offense. Heck, they would have won a couple more national titles had the defense shown up a couple of times after Chow left.

    You are right that the hire should blow up in Tennessee’s face, but Kiffin did a fine job at Southern Cal. Offense was not the problem.


    • My “mulligan” reference wasn’t about winning titles, John. It was about the fact that Carroll chose the younger guys over Chow… and they wound up leaving anyway. So, yeah, I was serious about that.


    • 69Dawg

      USC has had the best D in the country for as long as Carroll has been there. Their O has not held up their side of the ball since Chow was screwed.


      • JasonC

        Actually if you look at Saurian Sagacity’s recent post on BCS Champions’ statistical traits, the ’05 team was quite weak on defense. And John is right, if they had a decent defense that year, they probably would have won.


  6. Master Lame Kitten?

    Or Darth Kitten?

    Or maybe even….Obi Wan Kittenobi?

    I got nothin’….


  7. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, 13 August 2009:

    Dollywood, East Tennessee:

    Lane relaxing in the poolside jacuzzi. Lane’s still in Dollywood because of a delaminated helo blade so he couldn’t make back to Head Coach Pat Summit’s command performance meeting with Lane.

    The pool boy answers Lane’s phone and brings it to him saying it’s Layla Two with the daily intel report. This is what the pool boy hears of Lane’s side of the conversation:

    “You’re tired?
    Of what?
    I can’t go a day without what?
    Screwing what up?
    What book is out?
    Can you do a book report on it for me?
    I don’t like old people?
    I like my Daddy, don’t I?
    You can’t tell that I like him?
    I made Hamilton give him a job for a million didn’t I?
    What else could love be?
    By the way, did you find him?
    No sign of what?
    Still no sign of Daddy?
    Did you recon all the perimeter fences and look for tracks?
    Remember, sometimes when he runs away he does it barefooted instead of wearing his boots.
    Because he thinks we can’t pick up his barefoot tracks, that’s why he does it.
    Get that hound dog mascot, whatevers its name is, after him.
    Because the dog needs to do something to earn its keep, that’s why.
    You’re sick and tired?
    Of what?
    What do you mean Norm doesn’t like me either?
    Oh, he didn’t say that?
    That was all on Sarkasian, not me.
    Okay, then.
    Well, it was Pete’s idea not mine.
    Norm wants what?
    Revenge is a best served what?
    Norm’s not with the Titans anymore?
    Since when?
    We play UCLA?
    This year?
    No I have not looked at the schedule yet.
    Because I don’t want to peak too early, that’s why.
    Where did I get that from?
    From the Haight when Daddy was with the ’49ers, that’s where.
    Because Rule #1 in the Haight is that you never want to peak too early, that’s why.
    How did I get this job?
    You’re really asking me how I got this job?
    Well, all modesty aside, I’ve pretty much mastered the old ‘getting a job’ technique, perfected it as a matter of fact.
    What do you mean keeping a job?
    I could keep a job if I wanted to.
    Because I was trying to drive Al Davis crazy, that’s why.
    You’ve got a point, Al is an old man.
    Yes, okay Al’s even older than Norm.
    But I didn’t take Al’s job, did I.
    What do you mean that’s because nobody wants to have an equity interest in the Raiders?
    You’re really, really sick and tired?
    Of what?
    You quit?
    You’re quitting just because you’ve got nothing?
    Don’t you know that winners never…click…

    Lane hands the phone to the pool boy, tells him to fetch him another mint julep, get shet of the empties and get Coach O on the line. Lane wants to know how practice is going. The pool boy walks slowly away from Lane saying, “I got nothing. I got to find another job. Anything’s better than this…”.


  8. John

    Actually, I was more focused on the original author, but I do find fault with you for referencing him. I mean, there is so much to choose from when going after Kiffin, but not this, to me.

    Sorry for using the passive voice.

    Great site.


  9. Good one Senator and keep it coming. None of us know for sure what’s gonna come out of kville this fall with lil’ kiffy in charge but one thing is for sure. We should leave no stone unturned in the ongoing conflict to depants this poser.