It’s time to play “Name That Caption!” (again)

photo via The Joe Cribbs Car Wash

(photo via The Joe Cribbs Car Wash)

I have no idea what Trooper Taylor is doing there, so you tell me.


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13 responses to “It’s time to play “Name That Caption!” (again)

  1. bulldoginexile

    Trooper Taylor, Auburn Wide Receivers Coach, Finds a Football in Endzone; Worships it Due to Rarity of Event


  2. Juan Solo

    At Auburn practice Thursday, the team dressed up a silver back gorilla in Auburn under armour gear and tossed it a football.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Trooper looks to be a little heavier than he used to be. Maybe he should be called Squad now.

    As to what he’s doing, best guess would be that he’s fixing to eat the football and growling at Chiznik for coming too close to the food.


  4. Dawg19

    “Hey, Guys…does this football make me look fat?”


  5. dean

    Seen here Coach Trooper Taylor is getting up from chest bumping the turf after the turf made a spectacular catch.


  6. Toom

    Can someone please help me find my earring?


  7. RedCrake

    “A confused Trooper Taylor looks longingly for approval as Coach Gene Chizik pulls away in a stretch Hummer. Chizik, who threw the ball past Taylor and shouted ‘fetch’ later told the media that Taylor ‘wouldn’t shut the hell up about Mike Gundy being a man!’. No word on whether Taylor got a belly rub after successfully retrieving the ball.”


  8. 90’s throwback sunglass day at Auburn today.


  9. Ronald

    Now, the first step in having sex with a football…….


  10. THIS…is…how…I…roll….


  11. 92dawg

    “See men, you gotta treat the ball like your woman. Just get on down with it and…”