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Keeping emotions on a short leash

Not satisfied with how one of last season’s worst calls once again demonstrated that many referees have no clue where to draw the  line between natural emotion and taunting (“excessive celebration” in the lingo of the rule book), the NCAA is considering doubling down in the near future.

… The NCAA’s football rules committee, meanwhile, is weighing its own sportsmanship-related measure. Taunts or showboating by players in mid-play — for instance, as a ball carrier is five or 10 yards from crossing the goal line — could be treated as live-ball rather than dead-ball fouls, potentially wiping out scores in the same way holding and clipping do.

The panel considered the change for the coming season and passed, but will look at the issue again next year, say its secretary and rules editor, Rogers Redding.

“I think the sense is it would stop it in a heartbeat,” says Redding, the Southeastern Conference’s coordinator of football officials.

“The issue is not around celebrating.. .. We want the (the players) to play with enthusiasm and celebrate with their teammates and enjoy the game. The line gets crossed when there’s taunting and inciting.”

I can’t wait to see what Penn Wagers & Co. do with that puppy.



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That’s gonna leave a mark.

I don’t wish ill on any kid playing college football, so I’m sorry to see Jaybo Shaw like this, after suffering a broken collarbone:

Mind you, this is after Shaw has already suffered two concussions in preseason practice.

Which leads me to wonder if this is the real Achilles heel of Johnson’s offensive strategy.  There are a lot of fast, mean dudes playing defense in the ACC.   When does the message come down that constantly pounding the quarterback running the triple option may not stop every play, but has a cumulative effect on the ability of the Tech attack to produce?


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