That’s gonna leave a mark.

I don’t wish ill on any kid playing college football, so I’m sorry to see Jaybo Shaw like this, after suffering a broken collarbone:

Mind you, this is after Shaw has already suffered two concussions in preseason practice.

Which leads me to wonder if this is the real Achilles heel of Johnson’s offensive strategy.  There are a lot of fast, mean dudes playing defense in the ACC.   When does the message come down that constantly pounding the quarterback running the triple option may not stop every play, but has a cumulative effect on the ability of the Tech attack to produce?



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  1. 69Dawg

    It has got to take it’s toll. You need the GPOOE to take a pounding like that. They will have to have at least 4-5 QB’s or cross train RB’s to keep it up. The ACC teams know that the refs are not going to call roughing the QB if you hit him every play and I mean rock his world.


    • Bill

      It definitely has to be considered. I believe at Navy CPJ frequently used at least 2 and even 3 QB’s in a season. Tech is not there yet re depth at that position. Nesbitt is the key to the season, even more so than Dwyer. Tech has plenty of gamers at b-back (not Dwyer’s caliber) that can produce in the offense. But if Nesbitt goes down, we are screwed.

      Another negative about this offense I believe is that the O-line will suffer more head and shoulder injuries because of all the cut blocking.

      But I still think it is Tech’s best chance to win.


      • 81Dog

        But…but..but…..PJ is a genius!!!! He’s the master of on the fly adjustments!!!! He could move a DT to QB and win!!!! Just give him 5 minutes with a trainer, and that kid will be playing QB like Tracy Ham!!!!

        Sorry for Jaybo; honestly, hate to see anyone get hurt badly, especially concussions. Those things take their toll over time.

        PJ’s offense is designed for his QB to get nailed repeatedly. Nesbitt was pretty dinged up at times last year. One wonders how the accumulated mileage is going to affect him as he gets belted repeatedly this year. Even Urban Meyer had to adapt to exposing Tebow to less clean shots from large, speedy SEC defenders.

        Where he’s going to find the guys to replace his defensive line is another thing. Maybe some of the mad scientists over there in nerdville should be working on cloning Morgan Burnett.


  2. Perhaps he should have performed more off season circumcisions


  3. G.O.B.

    Someone might have to actually, you know, do the relevant research, but if CPJ ran his system successfully enough to win eight games a season plus a bowl at Navy, where even the linemen aren’t allowed to bulk up like their competitors at public schools, somehow I think the players at Georgia Tech (and the ones he’s going to recruit in the future) will be able to handle the beating.


  4. 81Dog

    absolutely, GOB. No way PJ can fail. (just ask him) He’s like Paul Hewatt, only shorter, crankier, and with an infinitely worse tailor. It’s only a matter of time before he gets “his players” in there and then, Tech will never lose a game again. Just like with Hewitt!!!