“Adam Krohn is a sports writer for The Daily Citizen.”

Yeah?  Then why does he come off sounding like a bad comedian from the Catskills doing a shtick about college football?  (h/t Dawgs BUI)

I still think Matt Stafford stiffed this guy on a lunch check.  Ba da boom!


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13 responses to ““Adam Krohn is a sports writer for The Daily Citizen.”

  1. jeff

    Thats why he is a columnist for a Dalton Newspaper. Someone either peed in his coffee or he got denied from UGA and the coveted journalism school he wanted to attend.


  2. Joe B.

    That is some funny stuff…that douche is another shining example of why the “legitimate media” is so much better than bloggers…


  3. MacAttack

    I just don’t understand why he is hired.

    Every single thing he writes isn’t criticism towards us but just a bunch of high school insults towards our players, coaches, and fans.

    Is that what newspapers are becoming?


    • Will Q

      I don’t know if that’s what newspapers in general are becoming, but it is definitely what passes for journalism in my hometown newspaper. I would conservatively estimate that 85-90% of Dalton favors Georgia over Tech, but they hire this bastion of journalistic integrity that constantly bashes the Dawgs. Way to think things through! That probably helped raise subscription numbers.


  4. G.O.B.

    Haven’t we been over this guy before? If he’s not serious, then he’s hilarious. If he is serious, I think he deserves sincere congratulations for finding a way to get paid for writing this crap.

    His pieces always contain at least one mention of the Tech game last year, usually without any sort of context. So he’s either a Tech grad or a UT grad who knows how to push Georgia fans’ buttons.


    • G.O.B.

      I’m almost completely sure that he spent all that time tearing down OSU just at Georgia’s expense. That’s dedication to a cause.


  5. pumpdawg

    I live in Dalton and this guy is one reason I don’t read the local rag.The local high schools have better papers.


  6. Hackerdog

    I think the guy’s smart(ish). If you know that you have nothing to offer over well respected and widely read sports columnists, then you’ve got to do something to set yourself apart.

    Mark Bradley and Terrence Moore have made good livings for themselves by writing like jackholes. Adam Krohn simply believes (correctly) that he has a better chance at being the next Mark Bradley than being the next Mark Schlabach.


  7. LawDawg

    So Schultz from the AJC isn’t the only one who thinks that he could be a successful comedian. What, Schultz? The Chihuahuas from Athens? That joke never gets old! You truly are a master of the written word!


  8. I’ve noticed that also. Written papers (I mainly read sports) sometimes seem to just go insane playing devil’s advocate, and there is no direction even resembling honest analysis.

    Why would I read your paper (AJC) if all you have is premeditated opinion?


  9. Matt

    I am from Dalton and have to read this trash on a normal basis. This is the 2nd derogatory column I have read from him and everytime several UGA blogs link to it. The problem is the blogs are linking to a “no-name” from a small town newspaper that doesn’t have a UGA beat writer. So he knows less than nothing about the program which gives him no credibility in my book. His only option is to spew filth just to get people riled up. My guess is that he does it to try and get himself some publicity for future employment opportunities. So, the only way this kind of thing stops is if we stop paying attention to him.


  10. JP

    Well said Matt. All we’ve done is drive up visits to his paper’s site. Next time, everyone should just be content with the excerpts that the Senator posts and move on, no need to help that guy out.


  11. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Do they even have journalism majors at Georgia State? I guess he didn’t get a lot of practice writing about college football at the GSU school paper.