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Mike Leach and the “futility of huddles”?

I don’t subscribe to Texas Monthly, but I want a copy of the September, 2009 issue.

… Tonight he is working on an article for the Texas Tech Law Review about the relationship between practicing law and coaching football. He can do this because he is the only head coach at a major football university to have a law degree and because he is, well, the sort of person who would be inclined to do such a thing.


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Random strategery thought

That Charleston Southern opener looks like the perfect occasion for Florida to trot out its vaunted, new I-formation offense.


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Kiffin watch: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As we already know from the outbreak of shirt-ripping, chest-baring, Wild Boyz-mania that grips Knoxville on occasion, Junior and his staff aren’t above borrowing motivational gimmicks from other, more successful programs.

So in that light, you might wonder if the source of this moment of theater comes from the Laner’s previous place of employment.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A virtual feast for you today…

  • T. Boone Pickens reflects on his “investment” in Oklahoma State football and anticipates a big return this year.
  • Did you know that only seven D-1 teams averaged less than 30 rushing plays per game last year?
  • Yes, they are.
  • And yes, it is.
  • I know you’re as excited as I am to hear that CSS will be broadcasting something called “Auburn Football: Every Day”.  Don’t forget to set your DVRs.
  • I know it’s all part of the master plan, so if Junior isn’t sweating the NCAA’s look at Bryce Brown, neither will I.
  • Herbstreit marvels over Georgia’s formidable schedule, Mark May says that the opener against OSU is the key game of the season and Craig James believes that Joe Cox’ play is the biggest question for the Dawgs.  You’d think you’d have to shell out big bucks for cutting edge insight like that, but at the WWL, it’s absolutely free!  Except for the two minutes of your life you’ll never get back, of course.
  • I gotta tell you – that goatee ain’t a bad look for Rich Rodriguez.


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