Random strategery thought

That Charleston Southern opener looks like the perfect occasion for Florida to trot out its vaunted, new I-formation offense.


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2 responses to “Random strategery thought

  1. Ben Rockwell

    With something so new and exciting happening at Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, how funny would it be to see the center step on Tebow’s foot as he’s dropping back and seeing a pulling guard flatten the GPOOE?

    Not funny at all? Okay, just checking.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    The interesting thing about all this is that there is a fine line between innovativeness and being on the leading edge vs. messing up a good thing. CEO’s of great companies face this all the time, when things are great, do you do more of the same and just get better at it, or do you continue to try to stay ahead of the curve.

    The UF formula has worked with Tebow. Will they change it at the risk of messing up what they do? Every snap he takes under center is one less snap he can do that fake run pull up and throw junk. Will they “waste” 10 plays a game on being under center just to try something new? Will using Joe Haden on offense mess up Tebow’s flow, taking 3-4 more snaps away from the greatest player in the nation and diminishing Haden’s focuse on defense. I’m just saying that if Haden takes a few snaps and Tebow is under center some, you could be losing 10-15 snaps a game from doing what you’re best at. It could work great…it could be epic fail.