Wednesday morning buffet

A virtual feast for you today…

  • T. Boone Pickens reflects on his “investment” in Oklahoma State football and anticipates a big return this year.
  • Did you know that only seven D-1 teams averaged less than 30 rushing plays per game last year?
  • Yes, they are.
  • And yes, it is.
  • I know you’re as excited as I am to hear that CSS will be broadcasting something called “Auburn Football: Every Day”.  Don’t forget to set your DVRs.
  • I know it’s all part of the master plan, so if Junior isn’t sweating the NCAA’s look at Bryce Brown, neither will I.
  • Herbstreit marvels over Georgia’s formidable schedule, Mark May says that the opener against OSU is the key game of the season and Craig James believes that Joe Cox’ play is the biggest question for the Dawgs.  You’d think you’d have to shell out big bucks for cutting edge insight like that, but at the WWL, it’s absolutely free!  Except for the two minutes of your life you’ll never get back, of course.
  • I gotta tell you – that goatee ain’t a bad look for Rich Rodriguez.



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10 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. JasonC

    I thought that was Jason Kendall.


  2. I liked the Mario ‘stache for RichRod better, myself.


  3. dean

    WOW! Now that is some expert insight to the bulldogs season. However the video cut out Reese Davis saying he’d take the over on Kirk’s prediction. I guess we’ll just have to wait-n-see. And I wonder who Mark May is going to pick in that key game of the season?

    Also there was some college football special on ABC (I think) with Tim Brando, Tony Barnhart, Spencer Tillman and some other guy in which Spencer had Georgia as his team “most likely to disappoint” this year(?). It’s not like we have the lofty expectations this year so I didn’t really understand what his opinion was based off of.


  4. SefDawg

    He looks like Rip Torn(Zed in Men in Black)!


  5. ElectricSweater

    I’m usually the last one to defend ESPN’s coverage, but this rundown isn’t really designed for the people who read Georgia football blogs. The random Nebraska fan who doesn’t follow the SEC religiously but still wants to keep track of ranked teams probably gained a lot from that cursory overview.


  6. johnny douche

    Rich Rod looks like he walked straight off of a Deviled Ham label.


  7. D.N. Nation

    Remember that one time when Mark May insisted that Hawai’i was going to beat Georgia? That was funny, because, see what happened was…


  8. godawg

    The Bryce Brown investigation has stirred up a hornet’s nest up here in Vol land. Talk radion is burning up phone lines. The natives think the NCAA has singled out Brown because of Lame’s secondary violations, his outspokenness, their treatment of Phil or because they just don’t want the Vols to succeed. It MUST be a conspiracy against the Vol Nation because they’ve waited until now to question his elgibility.

    They don’t know if they can even let him play for fear that the NCAA may vacate wins for games he played in at some future date. Poor, poor billhillies…


  9. Johnny Douche made me laugh. Made me laugh hard. Deviled ham, potted meat, RichRod all the same thing really. Still laughing Johnny D. Thanks.