David Hale’s bucket of ice water

If you’re trying to maintain the warm and fuzzies about the game in Stillwater, it might be best for you to avoid reading David’s depressingly excellent post on Georgia’s defensive woes with running quarterbacks last year.

Remember:  you have been warned.


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6 responses to “David Hale’s bucket of ice water

  1. Richt-Flair

    OSU’s RB scares me a lot more than their passing game. He looked gooood in the replays they’ve been showing over the summer of the 08 season.

    Wonder if the Robinson leg injury is more serious than being reported


  2. JasonC

    I would feel a lot better with Houston in the game, but it seems like Battle is practicing well and I think Dobbs will be okay. The problem will be depth and if they aren’t effective, I think our secondary is vulnerable.


  3. Richt-Flair

    Wonder if Ball and Longo will get in to the rotation midway through the season or if they are still a ways off


  4. Macallanlover

    Combined with the timing of when the games appear on our schedule, the ability for a QB to break containment is why I feel LSU is a tougher win than Florida this year. I am less concerned with GPOEE running up the gut into our Front 7 than I am Jefferson getting wide. Both very tough wins, but mobile QBs have given us fits. I think we handle OSU, but because of our offense against their defense more than us shutting their offense down. Oklahoma State is going to get 20-24 points somehow, I just think we get a few more.


  5. As a Bama fan living in exile in Tulsa, I can tell you that the people out here are VERY worried about Robinson’s hamstring. His inability to practice full speed is being covered on the sports news every night. I don’t know how close he’s going to be to 100% by September 5, but missing all this time in practice will hurt OSU passing (timing issues) as well as running.

    With all that said, I think you guys are going to kill them whether he plays and is healthy or not. They have no defense, and they’re a pretty soft team. Just smack ’em in the mouth a couple times, and take care of the football and you win by 10.