If we’re going down, we’re taking you with us.

Whilst scrounging around the website of The Oklahoman looking for Oklahoma State news (Mel Kiper thinks the Cowboys beat Georgia en route to becoming a top five team, by the way), I came across this rather remarkable tale of vindictiveness.

… Court documents obtained by The Oklahoman from Balogun’s lawsuit against the NCAA allege that comments made by the FOX TV announcers immediately after that play ultimately sparked the NCAA’s inquiry into Balogun’s past.

“He played a little semi-pro ball, the Prince George Jets, the Maryland Marauders, before he went to Lackawanna,” color commentator Charles Davis pointed out during the telecast.

According to court records, the day after watching the title game and hearing Davis’ remarks about Balogun’s semi-pro past, an official from Florida State‘s compliance office contacted the Big 12 Conference and suggested the league investigate Balogun’s eligibility.

Give the jackoffs from Tallahassee credit for stick-to-itness:  when the Big XII pronounced itself satisfied with Balogun’s status, the FSU folks went directly to Oklahoma and pushed the school into reinvestigating the situation.  The rest, as they say, is history.

What this means for OU if it turns out that it played an ineligible player last season may not be too good – especially for a school that’s recently run a little too close to the edge of the envelope with Rhett Bomar.  And aren’t FSU and OU scheduled to play each other in the near future?  If so, I’m sure there won’t be any hard feelings on anyone’s part about this.

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  1. Dog in Fla

    The sniper for the FSU Compliance Office, the Head Coach-in-Waiting and the Athletic Director meet at by far and away the most beautiful building on campus (Mike Martin Field at Dick Hauser Baseball Stadium is a distant second), in The Seminole War Room a/k/a The Chop Shop at Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium, Tallahassee:

    After much bickering, the sniper slams his .22 rifle on the plywood conference room table, stabs his buck knife in the table and says, “Okay, stop it damn it! We can either play Russian Roulette or we can draw straws to see which one of us has to go wake up Bobby and tell him that he doesn’t get the wins that the NCAA is going to take from the Sooners to replace the ones he lost.”

    Straws are drawn and The AD says, “Jimbo, it’s you. Good luck, man.”
    “Don’t worry about it. He won’t remember it tomorrow,” Jimbo smirks.
    “What if Barry Switzer tries to kill us?” asks The AD.
    “Don’t worry about it. Switzer will have to go through me,” boasts the sniper.
    The AD looks to Jimbo and says, “After you get back from telling Bobby at the ACLF, don’t you have a recruiting trip to Thomasville that you want me to go on with you?”
    “You got that right,” Jimbo laughs and business as usual continues on at FSU.