“We have a chance to be extremely good.”

Coach Richt does an interview on Sporting News Radio, where he talks about leadership, the offense, defense and the Oklahoma State game.

It sounds like Richard Samuel is in much more in control of the number one slot than I thought.


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7 responses to ““We have a chance to be extremely good.”

  1. John

    How entrenched is Samuel, in your opinion. I have Caleb King on my college football fantasy squad, auto draft, and I have been nervous about him since Day One.

    He has that Lumpkin appearance to me, highly touted coming out of high school, injury, never lived up to the hype.


    • To answer your first question, if you listen to the interview, Richt refers to RS as a pretty entrenched number one, but clearly indicates that King will get back in the mix.

      One thing in King’s favor, I think, is that Richt was quoted elsewhere as saying he’s the best at pass protection currently.

      And King’s injury isn’t anywhere near as severe as what Lump suffered.


    • JasonC

      If you can trade him for Colt McCoy I would do it.


    • Brandon

      Sadly, so far King reminds me more of Jasper Sanks than Kregg Lumpkin, Lumpkin was kind of a hard luck guy, Sanks was just overrated, I hope Caleb gets it together, there’s no doubt he’s got talent. I wish him well.


  2. NCT

    Is Samuel in as much control of the ball as he is of the no. 1 spot? Am I overreacting by asking the question? Who invented liquid soap and why?


    • Bulldog Bry

      I think Tebow invented liquid soap.

      I say bring on the TBC (tailback by committee) and then TCB (memo to self: mission of injecting Bachman Turner Overdrive song into interwebs today – accomplished)


  3. georgiadawg85

    Samuel has coughed up exactly one ball thus far in the pre-season, so I would say he has dramatically improved in holding on to the football. Perhaps what’s more encouraging is that the one fumble in scrimmage is unacceptable to him, and the standard to which he’s holding himself. At least, that is the impression one gets from his comments and those of his teammates.