Throw Zooker from the train.

Damn, this is just a might bit cold, don’t you think?

Florida coach Urban Meyer talked for a long time about changing the culture when he took over the program in 2005 but has never offered many specifics. On Friday, he revealed what one of those changes was, as far as the locker room environment.

Asked a general question about how he handles players having arguments on the field and in the locker room, Meyer — who did not take a swipe at former coach Ron Zook (now at Illinois) or mention him outright — started discussing the 2005 atmosphere that he inherited at Florida.

He said freshmen were put in a separate locker room and treated harshly by the other players. When he realized how poorly the new players were treated, he put an end to it.

Meyer’s comments were chilling.

“When we first got here five years ago they had freshmen in a separate locker room and it was a bunch of tin lockers over there and they weren’t allowed to walk (into the regular locker room). Think about this for a minute: this is a big-time college football program and we had some fights because they treat their freshman like they were non-people.

“‘Don’t walk through here, we’ll kick your tail, we’ll shave your eyebrows.’ It took us awhile to break that great culture we had here. That was tremendous. You don’t win many games, but you beat up freshman and shave eyebrows. Absolutely unbelievable…”

Who is this “they” you speak of, Corch, if you’re not taking a swipe at the Zooker?  Is it the same folks who left you with enough in the cupboard to win a BCS title game two seasons ago?

What’s truly obnoxious about this is why Meyer even feels the need to bring this up now, given where the program is at.  As the Zooker puts it,

“I’ve been gone a long time. I doubt if anybody there even remembers who I am.”


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7 responses to “Throw Zooker from the train.

  1. BigOldDawg

    I can’t remember anyone in sports who is more mentally unprepared for success than THEGENIUS.

    You’d think with all the medical expertise in Gainesville, they could find a meds package that would calm this guy’s inner insecurity demon.

    Even the OBC, for all his zingers, was coming from a totally different view of himself.

    If there ever was an example of the less said the better, it is THEGENIUS.


  2. UFTimmy

    It’s definitely bizarre to bring it up now. Couldn’t agree more.

    But, it did come up kind of naturally. I don’t think he intended to start off the conversation by throwing the Zooker under the bus. I believe he was trying to reinforce his point.. but yah. Not the best way. Here’s the video:


  3. Dog in Fla

    The Illni shave eyebrows too don’t they?


  4. 69Dawg

    Revenge is CUMs middle name. This is just the long awaited payback for the Zookers famous quote about UF never having won anything prior to 1990 and now they think they invented football. CUM has a long long memory for any body who gives him any grief. The Lame Kitten should prepare to meet his doom.


  5. Not to get all creepy or anything but from past experience I’ve learned there is a heavy price to pay for everything you do being emotionally motivated. The Genius appears headed for some bad times if he continues to let anger and revenge dictate his goals. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really(see what I’m doing here?) hope he’s still a stinkin’ gatorhead when it happens and we all get to watch. He found his Herschel Walker. He’s loaded with all that famous so. fla. talent. Good for him. At the end of the day he still comes off as smarmy and vengeful to anyone who dares to cross him or his plan for greatness. I’m sure glad he didn’t go into politics or evangelism. Wait…what did i just say?